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Laguna Beach, California cc: @waterproject
Sunrise in South Tyrol, Italy cc: @jasoncharleshill
Dana Point, California cc: @ryanlongnecker
Cenote in Tulum, Mexico 🌍 Photo by @andy via @tulum _______________ Follow @Tulum for more 🌿
British Virgin Islands cc: @erubes1
In the mountains of Switzerland 🌍 cc: @muenchmax
Vermilion Lakes in Banff 🌍 cc: @eye.of.ty
Seceda in Dolomites, Italy 🌍 cc: @aaronbhall
The Dorset Coast, United Kingdom 🌍 cc: @willvanw
Antelope Canyon in Arizona 🌍 cc: @mishawilcockson
Our last destination is Nepal, which is known for its beautiful Himalayan mountains, deep rolling valleys, and richly flowing streams. But the water sources here can be both difficult to access and highly contaminated. @charitywater helps deliver pure spring water across miles of rugged terrain directly to community tap stands. With access to clean water, kids can spend less time climbing to the tops of hills to collect water and more time in school getting an education. - cc: @rawmeyn
When @charitywater brings clean water to communities in Uganda, they’re doing much more than helping people get something to drink. Access to clean water here means better education and healthier futures for kids of all ages. - cc: @cestlavibe
Next up is Cambodia. There’s plenty of groundwater available in Cambodia, the problem is that it’s rarely safe enough to drink. Ponds and open wells, which are often contaminated, can make people very sick. But @charitywater is changing that. They work every single day to bring clean water, better health, and new opportunities to people all around Cambodia. - cc: @doyoutravel
Malawi is one of Africa’s most densely-populated and least-developed countries. Most people live in rural areas where water is scarce. As a result, many women and children spend hours of their day walking to collect it. @charitywater is helping these women and girls get their lives back. With access to clean water, they can start businesses, improve their homes, and take charge of their futures. - cc: @stickylittleleaves
We're starting our tour around the world in Mali. Located in the vast deserts of the Sahel region, Mali is a landlocked country that experiences a prolonged dry season and very limited rainfall. @charitywater works to provide access to clean and safe drinking water for communities in Mali so they can have more time to grow food, earn an income, and go to school - all of which help fight poverty. - cc: @thetrvler
Tomorrow is the longest day of the year, and we'll be taking a trip around the world, visiting different time zones, seeing beautiful places, and hearing stories from @charitywater about how they're helping bring clean water to communities around the world. Get your passport ready, we're about to fill it up with some inspiring @earth moments!
Coastline of Croatia 🌍 cc: @kdkuiper
Pablo Escobar's Mansion in @Tulum 🌍 cc: @nihancik via @tulum
Moraine Lake, Banff 🌍 cc: @philngyn
Cathedral Peak in Sedona, Arizona 🌍 cc: @erubes1