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Planing on attending @photovillenyc? We've left copies of the Journal at both the entrance booth, as well as @redhookeditions & @bronxdocumentarycenter containers! If you can't find one, be sure to check the link in our bio 👆🏼
Pictured above is Sven Skaltje, who was saddened to find the #carcasses of two female #reindeer whose #antlers had become entangled during a dominance struggle in northern #Sweden. He estimates it took three days for them to die of #starvation. After separating the bodies, he saw from the ear markings that one belonged to him and the other to his cousin. This image is part of a larger body of work, Sami- The People Who Walk With Reindeer. This work explores the symbiotic relationship between Sámi #reindeerherders and the #environment, their existence in today’s world and their ancestral roots. Near #Gällivare, Sweden. March, #2011. This image taken by documentary storyteller @erikalarsen888 was included in our Journal on #climatechange, available in selected locations in #Paris, #NewYork, #Croatia & #Belgium, and has been installed at @nyuniversity, at the @tischphoto school as part of the collaborative #BendingtheFrame exhibition. If you haven't been able to find a copy of the journal, visit the link in our bio!
Introducing contributor to Journal #01: CLIMATE, @dguttenfelder! For this edition of the Journal, we included an image he took in the aftermath of #TyphoonHaiyan, which ravaged the town of #Tacloban, central #Philippines, in #2013. This was one of the most powerful storms on record, and destroyed thousands of buildings & displaced hundreds of thousands of people. To view the image @dguttenfelder discusses, turn to page 18 in the Journal. ________________________________________________ #reframeclimate #photojournalism #philippines #photography #associatedpress #naturaldisaster #typhoons #climatechange #typhoonyolanda #cyclone #asia #southeastasia
Did you know that #mangroves are not only rich #ecosystems, they are valuable in protecting coastal areas from #tsunamis and #rising #sealevels caused by #climatechange? The mangroves of the Cayapas Mataje Reserve (where the above picture was taken) are the tallest in the world and one of the last vestiges of this type of ecosystem in the country. Include in our newly released Journal is @felipejacomephoto's image of young shell pickers in the Cayapas Mataje Reserve, #Ecuador. Here, children as young as 9 years old pick shells amidst the mangroves to contribute to their families´ economy. Even though black shells are a culinary delicacy in Ecuador, shell pickers are only paid 8 cents of a dollar per shell. On average, pickers will find between 50 and 100 shells in a day's work. If you'd like to read more stories related to climate change, be sure to pick up a copy of the Journal! It is available at selection locations in Paris and #NYC. Alternatively, you can order it online (visit the link in the bio👆🏽)
Yaasss! We've got one of our team members in #Zagreb, #Croatia, for the @organvida_festival! If you're around, definitely stop by the HQ of the festival to pick up a copy of our Journal! Photo: @madl_enka #photography #dysturb #reframeclimate #photojournalism #organvida2017
One of the stories featured in Journal #01: CLIMATE is that of Sacdiya Mohamed Noor who lives in #Somalia, and is affected by the drought and subsequent famine. @ggkenya photographed Sacdiya while on assignment for the World Food Programme. Pictured is an image from that documentation. The caption: Sacdiya Mohamed Noor, 30 plays with her one-year-old son inside her makeshift kitchen in Kapasa displaced people camp on June 11, 2017 Kapasa #IDP Camp, State of #Jubaland, Somalia. Depending on her are 7 children, including the one-year-old, a sister, and a nephew. She came to Kapasa 3 months ago to get away from the drought in their rural area near #Bardhere, leaving 2 sisters and her mother. Each month she gets $72 food assistance from WFP, the amount calculated to sustain a family of 6 people. She is one of the poorest families in Kapasa, sending 2/3 of what she gets from WFP back to her mother and 2 sisters. With the little funds she has left she and those that depend on her they still observe #Ramadan breaking the fast with only water. Sacdiya prepares only one meal a day of rice and tomato soup (she cannot afford any meat). The region is undergoing severe drought and Dollow area now has approximately 41,000 displaced people many of whom come from Bay and Bakol regions, the epicenter of the #drought. Photo: @ggkenya taken on assignment for @wfp_mena /AreteStories.
Introducing contributor to Journal #01: CLIMATE, @jameswhitlowdelano. He is the founder of @everydayclimatechange, and for this Journal we included his image of #Basecoslum in #Manila. This #slum borders a beach at the mouth of #Pasig River - these waters carry human waste, heavy metals and antibiotic resistant bacteria. In this video, listen to his reason for why this particular story is important & relevant to #climatechange. _____________________ #reframeclimate #liveforthestory #photojournalism #philippines #photography
Have you seen our Journal in #Perpignan? You can pick it up at the Official Bookshop at #visapourlimage, La Poste & the Canon area in the Palais des Congrès! One of the images that has been included in the campaign, and can be found installed on Rue de Castillet is @adrienne_surprenant's image taken in #Somaliland (pictured above). The caption: 2016. Sulup Hashi Cigal, 63. Dragging a camel carcass in Gebogebo's village. Togdheer region, Somaliland. "The situation is grave, I had never seen this. It is getting worse every day. We share as we always did, because we are a big family. If someone is in need, he can go eat at his neighbors' house, and we just divide the ration." Cigal has 45 animals left of a herd of 220 and, as most of the other villagers, eats only one plate of rice a day. You can find this story and more in our new Journal (see link in bio)👆🏽
Are you on the look out for the Journal? If Are you in #Perpignan, you can find a copy of our Journal in the Official Bookstore of #visapourlimage2017! #climatechange #photojournlism #france #climat #reframeclimate #photography #issue1 #dysturbinteraction
JOURNAL #01: CLIMATE #REFRAMECLIMATE For the past 6 months, we've been working on a special publication that gives voice to some of the images, and stories, that have been installed around the world. Today, thanks to our partnership with @canoneurope , our team is pleased to announce the official launch of this one-of-a-kind journal! This issue critically examines #climatechange, how it affects the world around us, and offers insightful information that can aid in understanding this subject. It is currently available in #Paris, #Perpignan and #NewYork (soon at @photoville), and is both in #French and #English. For more information, please check the link below. #LIVEFORTHESTORY Photo: Travis Marshall/ Hawkeye Imagery ( @wayuptherephoto)
According to the @worldbank, #Romania has one of the highest #poverty rates in the #EU. This coupled with #corruption & religious dogma has seen an entire generation of adolescent girls lost to the #slave trade. Photojournalist @andreabruce has documented Romania's disappearing girls, and an image from her report has been included in our #global #womenmatter campaign (it can be found installed in #Ballarat for the #BIFB2017). The caption of Andrea's image: #Bucharest, Romania. February 5, #2015. Ioana, an underage #prostitute, lives in a small village outside of Bucharest with her mother who helps her prepare for her nights on the streets. Ioana has recently disappeared. Her mother fears she has been #trafficked. Though Romania is an European Union country, it’s # economic dire straits rank it as the poorest in the region, creating a scenario where a struggling mother is willing to sell her 14-year-old daughter into prostitution just to survive. Photo: @andreabruce/ @noorimages _________________________________________ @ballaratfoto #dysturb #sextrafficking #prostitution #womenrights #femalerights #sexworker #underage
For our collaborative #womenmatter campaign, we've installed @maryfcalvert & @andreabruce'a image in #Ballarat, #Victoria for #BIFB2017! The caption of Mary's image: #Korea-town, #LosAngeles, CA, #USA. November 24, 2014. Debra Filter joined the US Army in 1978. In those days, the women trained just like the men did. Her drill #sergeants were #Vietnam #vets and wanted to make sure all the recruits felt a piece of Vietnam, "a lot of it was a "Full Metal Jacket" experience" she says. Debra and several other women recruits were #raped at the #party they were forced to attend upon graduation. "We didn't realize it was for women and a great many of us were going to be raped." "I wanted to make the #military my career. #Rape stopped my career, stopped any dreams I ever had." Her PTSD festered and Debra eventually left the military with an honorable discharge. Though educated with a Masters Degree, she has been homeless for 10 years and has battled the Veterans Affairs (VA) for benefits for 30 years. She left Las Vegas when the VA pulled her benefits. Debra thinks it was in #retaliation for her #homeless activism. She says the teardrop tattoo under her eye is a symbol of how the VA tried to kill her when they pulled her medical benefits during a dispute. She has been in and out of shelters and now has a housing voucher for a studio apartment in Korea-town in Los Angeles, CA. The caption of Andrea's image: #Bucharest, #Romania. February 5, 2015. Ioana, an underage #prostitute, lives in a small village outside of Bucharest with her mother who helps her prepare for her nights on the streets. Ioana has recently disappeared. Her mother fears she has been #trafficked. Fueled by #poverty and #corruption, exacerbated by religious dogma, Romania is loosing a generation of adolescent girls to the slave trade. Though Romania is an #EuropeanUnion country, it’s economic dire straits rank it as the poorest in the region, creating a scenario where a struggling mother is willing to sell her 14 year old daughter into prostitution just to survive. Photo: @madl_enka
In the #WestBank, Hayat (pictured) teaches #yoga to the residents of #Zatara in #Bethlehem. Her students are increasing in number each week - they call it "inner #resistance," and it's proving to be the ultimate release. The above image, taken by @habjouqa ( @noorimages), has been included in our collaborative #womenmatter campaign! Find it at @ballaratfoto as part of #BIFB2017! ________________________________________ @preusmuseum #photojournalism #photofestival #yogapose #resist #resilience #photojournalisme
If you're at the #BIFB2017, be sure to take some time to view the large format images our Asia Pacific team has installed in the town! Pictured are students with @krisannejohnson's image from her report on #HIV in Swaziland 🇸🇿 Ezulwini Valley, #Swaziland. February 7, 2010. A young #HIV-positive woman, 19, swims at the natural hot springs swimming pool in Swaziland. Told she must start #antiretroviral #drugs (ARV), she was scared to start due to the #stigma surrounding the treatment. She often dreamed of joining the army to help support her #newborn child. Her son passed away a year later from #AIDS. Coming of age for Swazi girls is tough. A tiny #African nation of one million, Swaziland is ruled by one of the world's last remaining absolute #monarchies. Its age-old tradition of #polygamy and its relaxed attitude toward sexuality have met in a devastating combination for #youngwomen: Swaziland reports the highest HIV prevalence in the world, with young women being affected most. 📷 @madl_enka ___________________ @ballaratfoto @preusmuseum #photojournalism #photography #education #womenmatter #womenrights #humanrights
⚡️ #BTS at the print lab ⚡️ Keep your eyes peeled for it in #Perpignan next week... 🎥: @capbailly 🎶: Rock Angel de Joakim Karud __________________ #journal #issue01 #photojournalism #photography #printing #visapourlimage #visapourlimage2017
🇦🇺 For our global #womenmatter campaign, we've installed an image from @poulomi07's reportage 'A Ritual of Exile' in #Ballarat, #Australia for #BIFB2017! The caption of this photograph: Surkhet, Nepal. September 14, 2013. During Chhaupadi, girls and women are forced into exile as untouchables and must live in rudimentary shelters out of the superstitious reasoning, and a tradition linked to Hinduism, that their blood is considered impure during menstruation. Mothers too, do not escape this humiliation and their young children must endure the ritual alongside them. "The first time I went into a chaupadi I was scared of snakes. But now, more than snakes, I am scared of men; I am scared of getting kidnapped.” Mangu Bika, 14. In their exile, women are often raped, abducted, die of snake-bites, asphyxiation, drop out of school, live with serious PTSD and other reproductive health disorders. Photo: @madl_enka ___________________________________ @ballaratfoto #2013 #nepal #surkhet #girls #exile #Superstition #hindu #hinduism #menstruation #mothers #motherhood #chaupadi #rape #abducted #asphyxiation #ptsd #reporductivehealth #contemporaryissue #photography
For our global #womenmatter campaign, we've taken trekked all the way to #Ballarat, #Australia, for the @ballaratfoto! Our team in the Asia Pacific have just finished up a talk with high school students and Melbourne Polytechnic, but are still busy installing images taken by @maryfcalvert @poulomi07 & more! Stay tuned... If you would like more information about our campaign in Ballarat, please visit: https://ballaratfoto.org/events/dysturb/ Photo: @bbatoor ____________________ #BIFB2017 #australia #photojournalism #education #women #womenshealth
Have you seen Leonora Baumann's photo at in #Horten, #Norway? Her image has been installed in the country as part of our global #womenmater campaign! The caption of her photograph reads: Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo. March 2, 2015. Corinne (top, center), a teenage mother, during a hairdressing class. Corinne has been kidnapped in a bar, raped and held in captivity for three days. She reported the rape but the claim has been dismissed after her assailant bribed the local authorities. With her newborn, she has been entrusted at the Maison Marguerite to receive health care and psycho-social support. Photo: @bendophoto @preusmuseum @ballaratfoto #BIFB2017 #photojournalism #dysturb #worldphotoday #female #resilience #genderbasedviolence
#WomenMatter is a collaborative global campaign with the @preusmuseum in #Horten and the Ballarat International Foto Biennale in #Australia, that features 20 stories that highlight issues faced by #women and their #resilience. One of the stories that was installed at Saxon King in #Norway was @donnaferrato's image from her reportage "Living With The Enemy." The caption: Denver, Colorado, #USA. #1985. Bill cried as he admitted to the group that beating his wife when his son was watching reminded him of his own father. In front of his therapy group, Bill wept because he recognized there was little difference between the man he had become and the man he had dreaded as a young boy. Photo: @donnaferrato ___________________________ #dysturb #violenceagainstwomen #genderbasedviolence #violence #photojournalism #abuse
Hot off the press! Keep your eyes peeled for our first issue which will be officially launched 2 weeks for now. Stay tuned for more info! #dysturb #reframeclimate #issue01 #climatechange #dysturbjournal #dysturbinteraction