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In testing, we highlight airflow with coloured lasers to visualise turbulence and measure velocity. Green is right in the middle of the visible spectrum, making it easy to see the flow. #dysonhair #dysonsupersonic
We’ve got styling under control. With built-in heat protection, you can use the #DysonSupersonic hair dryer right up against your hair – without worrying about extreme heat damage. Photo: @hob_salons #dysonhair #hairstyling
Our hair dryer’s intelligent heat control helps prevent it from reaching extreme temperatures. Less damaged hair reflects more light in a single direction, which helps it appear shiny. #dysonhair
Lifestyle blogger @josieldn gives a glimpse into her morning beauty routine. Complete with a #DysonSupersonic blow dry. #dysonhair
105mph airflow. Our hair dryer delivers a focused jet of air, for fast drying and precise styling. Photo: @josieldn #dysonhair #hairstyling
Developed with hair experts, for hair experts. Our Professional concentrator attaches magnetically, for easy fitting and adjustment. #dysonhair #dysonsupersonic
Our Styling concentrator helps you focus on one section at a time, without disturbing the rest of your hair. Developed with award-winning British hairdresser, @Akin_Konizi. #dysonhair #dysonsupersonic
Fast drying isn’t just about high-speed air. For a controlled flow, we had to find the right balance of pressure and turbulence. #dysonhair #dysonsupersonic
Thank you @samiorenelda for your tutorial on how to create longer looking, bouncier curls using the patented Dyson Diffuser and Smoothing nozzle attachments. #dysonhair #dysonsupersonic
In the Dyson hair lab, we created rigs that simulated hair drying behaviours - testing how the air interacted with real hair tresses. #dysonhair #dysonsupersonic
Because working on one show after another can be harmful for a model's hair, lead hairstylists preferred to use the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer during Paris Fashion Week, to protect hair's natural shine. #dysonhair #dysonsupersonic #pfw
Russian model @lenaperminova getting styled with a Dyson Supersonic hair dryer ahead of a @maisonvalentino show. #dysonhair #dysonsupersonic