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Getting ready in a hurry? 105mph airflow puts time on your side. Photo: @seewantshop #dysonhair #dysonsupersonic
A new perspective on hair care. With our German styling ambassador, @joerg_oppermann #dysonhair #dysonsupersonic
Your space. Your style. Blow away distractions and make this moment your own. #dysonhair #dysonsupersonic
Four years in the making. Each new iteration took us one step closer to our fast, powerful and intelligent hair dryer. #dysonhair #dysonsupersonic
Cushioned in soft fabric. Encased in pale rose. Our special edition hair dryer makes a remarkable gift, for a remarkable person. #dysonhair
Avoid extreme heat damage. Our hair dryer monitors airflow 20 times a second, to help protect your hair's natural shine. #dysonhair #hairstyling
Powerful air, for powerful hair. Awaken your style with a blast of smooth, wide airflow. Photo: @samiorenelda #dysonhair #hairstyling
To understand hair inside out, we built our own hair laboratory. And studied over 1,010 miles of hair. #dysonhair #dysonsupersonic
Vibrant styles took the main stage at Tophair - Germany's leading hair show. With @lorealprode #dysonhair #lorealprode
Time is precious. With a powerful motor designed for fast drying, our hair dryer helps accelerate your beauty routine. Our special edition makes the perfect gift, with three magnetic attachments and a pale rose case. #dysonhair @sephora
It’s been one year since James Dyson launched the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer in Tokyo. The result of 50 months in development. £50 million invested in hair research. 600 prototypes. 1,010 miles of analysed hair. Thank you, to all the engineers, hair scientists, trichologists, stylists and followers worldwide. You’ve helped us restyle the beauty industry. #dysonhair #dysonsupersonic
In testing, we highlight airflow with coloured lasers to visualise turbulence and measure velocity. Green is right in the middle of the visible spectrum, making it easy to see the flow. #dysonhair #dysonsupersonic