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Dyson announced the creation of a second British Technology Campus. Increasing our footprint in the UK by tenfold, the new spaces will allow us to continue developing new technologies such as solid state battery cells, vision systems, machine learning and AI.
James Dyson today opened the doors to Dyson’s new Technology Centre in Singapore, in the presence of Minister for Trade and Industry, S. Iswaran. Dyson is investing £330m in its future in Singapore. The new facility has the latest development labs, bringing together the latest hardware and software expertise. Located in the heart of Singapore’s start-up community and next to the National University of Singapore, the new Centre’s engineering teams will focus on developing new technologies for the future.
James Dyson is tackling the UK engineering shortage head-on. The Dyson Institute of Technology will provide immersive engineering degrees for the next generation of tech enthusiasts. Applications open today.
D9, a new research building, part of a £250m investment in our technology campus in Malmesbury. It’s the space in which the concepts for Dyson’s most confidential projects are developed: areas such as motors, software, electronics, energy storage, robotics and personal care. The walls house a structural glass framework that reflects light, allowing it to blend into its surroundings and manage heat efficiently. ©WilkinsonEyre and Dyson Ltd. taken by Peter Landers
Dyson’s new £250m technology campus opens today in Malmesbury, England. This latest phase of expansion extends the campus to 56 acres, providing 129 state of the art laboratories for 200 live technology projects. Photo ©WilkinsonEyre and Dyson Ltd. taken by Peter Landers.
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Before he turned his attention to vacuum cleaners, 23-year-old James Dyson invented the Sea Truck, a high-speed landing craft. This production model sits in the car park at Dyson HQ in Malmesbury.
The #DysonRobot launched in Canada yesterday. Come to the Toronto pop-up to see it in action and visit the art exhibit featuring photographs of the 360 vision system as envisioned by @visionelie, @bora.vs.bora and @jayscale.
Ready for the sun.
Voltera V-One is a laptop-sized circuit board printer that won the James Dyson Award in 2015. It can turn design files into prototype circuit boards in minutes, cutting out delays and unnecessary expense. If you're an #inventor, #engineer, or #designer with a problem solving idea, there is still one week left to enter the James Dyson Award 2016 and be in with a chance of winning £30,000. Find out how to enter at www.jamesdysonaward.org. Entries close 19 July 2016. #jda2016 @jamesdysonfoundation
Titan Arm won the James Dyson Award in 2013. The battery powered upper-body robotic arm instantly increases human strength. Are you an #inventor, #engineer or #designer with a problem solving idea? There is still time to enter the James Dyson Award 2016 and be in with a chance of winning £30,000. Find out how to enter at www.jamesdysonaward.org - entries close 19 July 2016. #JDA2016 @jamesdysonfoundation
We’re opening the UK’s first Dyson Demo on Oxford Street in London. It’s a space engineered to encourage people to pick up, test and experience Dyson technology. Visitors can try out the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, or see the Dyson 360 Eye robotic vacuum cleaner in action. We’re bringing engineering to life, one city at a time.
Revolights – a James Dyson Award finalist in 2013 – re-thought the bike light. Are you an #inventor, #engineer or #designer with a problem solving idea? There are still three weeks left to enter the James Dyson Award 2016 and be in with a chance of winning £30,000. Find out how to enter at www.jamesdysonaward.org - entries close 19 July 2016. #JDA2016 @jamesdysonfoundation
Calling all young #engineers, #designers and #inventors: you have until 19 July 2016 to enter the James Dyson Award 2016. Enter at www.jamesdysonaward.org. The brief: design something that solves a problem. The prize: £30,000. Application is simple – use our online form to explain what your idea is, and how it works. #JDA2016 @jamesdysonfoundation
Do you and your Dad share a love for making? If you've made something together, submit a photo of it with the hashtag #DysonFathersDay for a chance to win a Dyson CSYS Desk Light. Click on the link in our profile for more details.
Our microprocessor in the #DysonSupersonic measures exit flow temperature 20 times per second to prevent extreme heat damage to your hair. #haircare #hairtech @dysonhair
M*A*S*H and Whirlybirds? That’s probably where you’ve caught sight of one of these before. Meet our latest #engineering icon - the Bell 47 helicopter. Its skeletal-framework fuselage and exposed engine took to the skies in 1946, naming the aircraft the first certified commercial and military #helicopter in the world. The aircraft now resides at #Dyson HQ in Malmesbury, U.K.
Our HQ in Malmesbury, UK, has been through some changes recently. Say hello to our new cafe, opened to Dyson people today - just the first part of our £250m technology campus being built on site. Completed by the Lightning Jet hanging over head. #engineering #dyson #hq #bts