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"I'm in heaven. Yachting. Ocean11" #Victorylap
Lovers Lane!!! #VacayVibez
Since these are starting to hit the web. I'll post and say we're still finishing some things up but I'm glad to hear that my supporters and some new supporters are loving the new direction of the Wow series of shoes. Thee #Wow6 will be the first shoe of mine that doesn't have the LiNing logo on the shoe. It's Brand Wade driven. I'm excited to say the least so enjoy the colors that will follow and I believe this will be one of those shoes that in years to come you're gonna want to have them! #Wow6 #Wade @wayofwade
The Black Clark Kent... #ThomBrowne #parisfashionweek #Thrumyeyes
When she looks so damn sexy you can't even wait til y'all get home. @berluti
I can visualize my future.... Can you say the same. Can you say you will put in the work to make it happen?!?!? Can you say you won't quit when it feels impossible?!?!? I know I wont I've been tested... I make sure to make it a NO other choice situation for me. If you need to be inspired look no further I gotcha. #Thrumyeyes
That @marquette.basketball connection and that Paris vibe!!! @jimmybutler
Man I must be having some fun!!!
D.A.M.N haha. My Guy!!! #Morelife
Morning views!!! #Florence #italyiloveyou
When SHE smiles!!!! I know I've done good!!! #onoureuropeshit #TheWades
Mmmmmmmmmmmm gelato!!!
When the parents are breaking the rules...what the kids gon do! Haha loving & living our life & we're not apologizing for it. #TheWades
Spent my Fathers Day with this guy. #SirZion #Rome/Florence
I don't stand alone. I stand with the ones that see my imperfections and still love me more than the ones who only get to see my life in highlights! #WeWades #azionvacay #Rome