Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas @duhitzmark

16 yr old influencer & singer ❤️ snapchat ; tumblr_mark 💌

shut up and kiss me
I need a girlfriend I can take cute pics w hmu❤️
would you let me take you for a drive?😊😂
hit my line babe ❤️📞😊
hi everyone, first of all I wanted to say thank you for all of the love and support you guys are my everything and you all make me genuinely super happy. but the reason I deactivated is because social medias been stressing me out a lot and this isn't something that I'm just now feeling. I've been stressed about it for awhile because I've been feeling not who I am as a human and I want to regain my pure happiness inside and my health so if I'm ever inactive I'm sorry I just need some rest and some time to think.. I love you guys with all my heart❤️
what was I wearing on my head😂but love these peeps❤️
😂😂😂 @hunterrowland @blakegray
love you guyssss❤️
YOU wanna know who I'm in love with? just read the first word😊❤️
wonder where I am😍London? Jk haha soon tho 🙈
when I count my blessings I count you twice... :)
I need a workout buddy any takers?😊
how's your day going babeeee❤️
ayeeeee mannnnnnn😂
they call me the bowling master😂😳tag a friend who sucks at bowling