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We did it. Enjoy season two.
#BecomingSheila filming begins! She's in, I'm out! See you in the fall. Thank you @debraferullomakeup @lonavigi @_leeharris_ and Mona May for getting me ready. Your all genius.
#becomingSheila back in the saddle again. Thank you to all the experts who helped me get here. It's no wonder I don't want to deal with all that being a lady entails sometimes. I'm a mom. I work like crazy. And the first thing to go is usually yourself. I love this job because it forces me to put back into myself, even if it's really for someone else like Sheila. I feel so grateful to have a job I love. I know how lucky I am and I never take it for granted. Period. Becoming her took weeks and weeks. It gets harder the older you get. But working hard is always worth it. Ok. Time to be cool. Because I'm usually not. But she is. So I will be. You know... fake it til you make it. But don't ever stop short!!!!!!! #santaclaritadiet
#becomingSheila more training. She is strong. Fierce. Wrong. And I love being her. She woke me up!
#becomingSheila time to get her rad nails. Gosh, being a girl is time consuming. No wonder I let it all go. @kimmiekyees @tombachik @debbiedoesnails #ITTAKESAVILLAGE thank you for your brilliance. I am lucky to work with you guys!
#becomingsheila start training with @marniealton and lose 10 pounds by eating super clean with @_kimberlysnyder who helped me lose 20 pounds for season one. After all the #santaclaritadiet is pretty severe. Gotta get back on track.
#becomingsheila ok first! Hair. With @traceycunningham1 round one #santaclaritadiet olive is hanging! And Tracy puts conditioner in foils on her for solidarity.
#becomingsheila OH MY GOD How did I let it get this bad. Base and brows needed. Must become her. #santaclaritadiet here we go again. Season two.
#nationallipstickday I will put my money where my mouth is and tell you we have a fun 30 percent off all lipsticks for @flowerbeauty in honor of this day!
#nationallipstickday ever since I was a teenager, I loved the way lipstick made me feel. A pop of color on your mouth instantly makes you feel glamorous and confident. I love celebrating this. It's so simple yet empowering.
IT'S HERE!!!!! #TURQUOISEFRAGRANCE link in bio to get. It is vacation in a bottle. Crisp and beautiful. I worked with our master perfumer @givaudanperfume one of the most exquisite fragrance houses in the world, to make a scent that is transportive and chic. I am so proud, and hope you like it. I am in love! And I am so excited to share our sixth Eau De Parfum from @flowerbeauty with you. #TURQUOISEOASIS
#beautyjunkieweek is over and all I can say is I am just a true blue beauty junkie myself. I haven't been paid of influenced to suggest anything in these posts. These are just things I love or have discovered that I wanted to share. I am convinced if we take good care of ourselves, we will feel better and less distracted by our own funny insecurities. I don't have time to go to pamper myself, because i just don't, so I am always thrilled to find at home solutions. And I don't want to mess with my face, so I try to find myself ways and products to look my best naturally. I will continue to travel the world, find innovative labs, and educate myself about al the wonderful possibilities out there for us! I love being feminine. A woman. A mom. And always, a celebrator of all things #girl #beautyiswithin #therestofmydrawers #researchcolletion
#beautyjunkieweek #DONTBREAKOUT and if your skin is bothered, try @glamglow supermud clearing mask. Amaze. It will calm your irritated skin. Love it. #porematrix I love doing a mask in bed watching the @thedailyshow it's my happy place! Life is good in those moments!
#beautyjunkieweek love there for quick face cleanses on the go! #keepitclean #DONTBREAKOUT
#beautyjunkieweek don't forget to clean your phone. It's so dirty and then you touch your face! Breakouts and germ city! It's a nesesary daily beauty hack we don't talk about enough. #keepitclean #betterskin #DONTBREAKOUT
#beautyjunkieweek this works!!!!! I finally found something that helps me. I drink ice tea all day long. It's my life. But, there is a reason the call it "tea stained" because it does. Then my teeth are super sensitive, so most brighteners and bleaches are out of the question! Not to mention, who has time to go sit in chairs and have your teeth whitened? So I found this because my friend swore by it, and I'm telling you! I love it. It really works and I feel so much better about my teeth. Especially when you wear certain lipstick colors (reds etc) that can really bring out the truth of your teeth. So, grab this and do it at home. Worked for me! #smile
#beautyjunkieweek gold standard of face masks! A three step brightener that truly is unrivaled for me. I found it on my research trip to Asia. @jayjuncosmetics
#beautyjunkieweek link in bio for @flowerbeauty SUNSHINE PERFUME is my summer go to. It's full of fresh citrus and fresh florals. It's the essence of brightness. Please try it and let me know if you like! I love it and and it evokes the color yellow and all the joy that comes with that. Happiness in a bottle! #summerscent
#beautyjunkieweek #sisters. getting out of your house with your girlfriend. And being a whole person, with your sister. Remember to spend a moment with the ones you love in your busy life. She has made me feel beyond beautiful. Always has. Always will. #thankgodforyourfriends. They rejuvenate and confirm everything.
#beautyjunkieweek @instylerhair Has a blow dryer I love. It's called BLU. It looks like a spaceship and it can be put to any speed on a dial instead of high medium and low. I love this and it has changed my life. My hair gets all crazy when the dryer is too intense because I have curly hair. So I used small or travel dryers to get a more gentle or diffused look. Now I get anything I need and I don't look like a half straight half curly girl!