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#regram @a1delatorre Words can make all the difference! ❣️September is Suicide Prevention Awareness month and @drbrandt is donating a percentage of revenue from this kit to the Dr. Brandt Foundation, dedicated to Suicide Prevention and Awareness. Once purchased, want to do more? Apply the temporary tattoo in the bag to your wrist and snap a picture, post it on Instagram and tag @drbrandt and your friends and use the hashtag #SAYILOVEYOU . For every post, the Dr.Brandt Foundation will donate $1, up to $100k, to a specific project run by the Dr. Brandt Foundation in aid of suicide prevention. TAG SOMEONE IN THE COMMENTS AND SAY “I LOVE YOU”! ❣️💋 • • This video is not sponsored, I'm honored to be able to help spread awareness with my @boxycharm & @drbrandt family. This topic really hits home for me so thank you if you as well would like to make a difference and speak up on this topic. Depression and suicide is SO real. I love you guys, please know that help is always out there. | National Suicide Prevention Lifeline : 1-800-273-8255
Strength in numbers from our friends @glossybox_fr ❤️ For every post of a red heart and #sayiloveyou in September, we'll donate $1 to suicide prevention causes like @trevorproject @afspnational and FISP.
Have you received #NoMoreBaggage eye depuffing gel in an @influenster #luxevoxbox? 👀Comment below and let us know if you love it! 📸: @theblondedaria
A beautiful and creative reminder from @carolagmakeup to #sayiloveyou. ❤️ For every post of a red heart and #sayiloveyou in September, we'll donate $1 to suicide prevention causes like @trevorproject @afspnational and FISP.
"In honor of Dr. Brandt, who is so often thought of and talked about by all of us in the industry, the company he built & the #DrBrandt Foundation is donating $1 to support suicide prevention in the month of September every time someone uses #sayiloveyou in a post ❤️❤️❤️" #regram @jamierosennyc
Small acts of kindness can make all the difference. This September, we are donating $1 for every photo post with a ❤️ and #sayiloveyou. Proceeds aid suicide prevention. Share the love! #regram @newmkat
Do you know that September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month? It's a time to share stories and spread love. For every post with a red heart, the #drbrandt Foundation will donate $1 to aid suicide prevention. ❤️
"If you are looking for a sign not to kill yourself, this is it." #regram @itsalesa #sayiloveyou ❤️
As part of our #sayiloveyou campaign to fight suicide and depression in September, we took to the streets of Miami with @humanwritesofficial to spread messages of love and support. To someone in need, words can make all the difference. #regram @earthangeloutreach ❤️
#regram @sephora Check your bags at the 🚪 Apply the new @DrBrandt No More Baggage Eye De-Puffing Gel under or over makeup to leave under-eye bags and dark circles behind. #NewAtSephora
Skincare with heart: proceeds from our #sayiloveyoukit will aid suicide prevention. For just $38, you'll receive our top complexion perfectors Luminizer Primer, Microdermabrasion, and Pore Refiner Primer. Click the link to shop! #regram @erikatheicyone ❤️
Do you know that there are 44,000 suicides each year in the US? Together, we can unite against suicide and depression. #sayiloveyou ❤️ ・・・ #regram @miarandria Fight against suicide and depression with @drbrandt. September is suicide prevention awareness month, join the #sayiloveyou campaign. A #sayiloveyou to a friend in need can make the biggest difference. Here is how you can also join: 1️⃣Post a photo with a Red heart 2️⃣Include #sayiloveyou and tag @drbrandt 3️⃣Tag 3+ friends and @drbrant will donate $1 for each post All proceeds from the sale of the #drbrandt Foundation kit will be donated to @trevorproject @afspnational
Back to work! #sayiloveyou is the breakfast of champions - swipe left. Have you posted a heart with #sayiloveyou yet? For every post in September, the #drbrandt Foundation will donate $1 to aid suicide prevention. ❤️
We are grateful to everyone across the globe who has posted a heart to support #sayiloveyou. Please keep sharing and posting...only together can we fight suicide and depression! ・・・ #regram @ponteturopa 💗Como ya sabrás, la depresión es una enfermedad que puede afectar a cualquier persona. Provoca angustia mental y repercute en la capacidad de las personas para llevar a cabo las tareas cotidianas, lo que tiene, en ocasiones, efectos nefastos sobre las relaciones con la familia y los amigos. En el peor de los casos, puede provocar el suicidio. Afortunadamente, la depresión se puede prevenir y tratar, en parte, gracias a la Fundación Dr. Brandt y a su última campaña #sayiloveyou donará 100$ en mi nombre por subir esta foto. Tú también puedes participar solo tienes que subir una Foto con un 💗y el #sayiloveyou así de fácil!!! @drbrandt donará 1$ por cada foto subida. Animaros es un bonito gesto que puede ayudar mucho.
Three little words can make all the difference to someone in need. September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, and we will donate $1 for every image of a ❤️ posted with #sayiloveyou. You can also shop for the cause - just click the link in this post. Proceeds aid @trevorproject @afspnational and the Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention. Together, we can spread love! #miamimade
Shop the cause: the #sayiloveyou kit is now available at @hsn. Illuminate your complexion and a heart in need. Proceeds aid suicide prevention during September. ❤️
Thank you for your powerful #sayiloveyou story, @hamelpatel_! During September, we will donate $1 in aid of suicide prevention for every post of an image with a red heart and #sayiloveyou. Shop the cause - click link in post. ・・・ #regram @hamelpatel_ This is a post I've been putting off to write for a few days now. It's not something that's talked about, especially in the South Asian community, but today I'd like to share my story. . . It was 9:30 p.m, a police officer comes knocking on our door. I was looking outside of the living room window, until I saw my mom drop to the ground crying. I ran to the door asking what happened, my mom couldn't even talk. The officer was calming her down, everything happened so fast it's just a big blur now. Being so young I was confused, I thought it was a joke. My parents convinced me it was an accident for months, until we found the note. . . Suicide. . . Seven days and eleven years ago, I lost my uncle to suicide. I was furious at him, I had so many questions. Why would someone want to end their life? How can someone be so selfish and leave their family behind to grieve? I was pretty young back then and wasn't fully aware of what suicide was. . . I didn't know how someone can be so happy on the outside, but suffering so much on the inside. I didn't know 44,000 people die by suicide every year. I just didn't know. I didn't know because we're too scared to talk about it. We're afraid to talk about negative things that impact us is a big way. Which is why I'm here to talk about it. . . This September, in support of Suicide Prevention Awarness Month I've teamed up with @dr.brandt in the #SayILoveYou campaign. They are donating a percentage of revenue from the #SayILoveYou kit to the @drbrant foundation dedicated to Suicide Prevention and Awareness. . . ♥️ Join our fight against suicide ♥️ . . Support this campaign ♥️ you can purchase the #SayILoveYou kit which includes Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer, Mini Microdermabrasion, and Pores No More Luminizer Primer Sample Packet (link in bio) . . Join this campaign ♥️ for every post showing a heart and the hashtag #SayILoveYou @drbrandt foundation will donate $1 to suicide preventio
We're loving your beautiful posts and stories from all over the world...keep them coming! For every image of a ❤️ and #sayiloveyou this month, the #drbrandt Foundation will donate $1 in aid of suicide prevention. Say love, spread love! ・・・ #regram @needsandmoods Je déteste le terme "influenceuse", et pourtant aujourd'hui, je vous invite à toutes vous rassembler pour une noble cause. 🙏🏻 Pour chaque photo d'un petit cœur rouge postée sur Instagram, accompagnée du hashtag #sayiloveyou @drbrandt reversera 1$ à l'organisation @trevorproject , à l' @afspnational ou au FISP, qui luttent chacun pour la prévention contre le suicide et la dépression. C'est un tout petit geste, mais ❤️+❤️+❤️... Ça peut représenter une aide énorme pour ces organisations. Nous pouvons toutes, ainsi que nos proches, malheureusement, être un jour concernées. Alors on prend cinq minutes pour se rallier à cette grande opération qui aura lieu pendant tout le mois de septembre. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 MERCI. ❤️ #DrBrandt #DrBrandtSkincare #TrevorProject #FightDepression #LovePeople #Love #JeCompteSurVous
Love will save us! ❤️ @hellogigirowe rocks the #sayiloveyou tote in Wynwood, which includes 3 of our top complexion perfectors. Proceeds aid suicide prevention. Shop the cause - click link in photo. And don't forget to #sayiloveyou! If you post an image of a red heart with #sayiloveyou in September, we'll donate $1 for every post. #miamimade
Post an image of a red heart with #sayiloveyou this September, and we'll donate $1 in aid of suicide prevention. Together, let's share the love! #regram @emilydougherty ❤️