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live like someone left the gate open

the numbers are in: 13 million viewers in one night, #1 soundtrack on itunes and 2nd most watched disney channel movie of all time. my heart feels as though it's about to explode with gratitude, love, and human connection. this franchise is one of the brightest lights in my life, and i will never be able to put into words what it (and all of you) have done for the quality of my days on this planet. it is not a normal human experience to put out something so personal, to be so exposed and vulnerable for tens of millions to see, but you all have made me feel so safe, so seen and so beyond humbled with your love and support, i feel like i might lift off the ground and float away. to all of the fans and the cast and crew: thank you. i do not deserve you. let's do 100 more.
s/o to the real star of the show: the weave. after the love y'all showed tonight he is officially #snatched
where will you be tonight?
dear diary,
didn't feel like getting out of bed today so the @mammamiamusical crew had my back. not sure why everyone always calls me a diva ??
photographer: "hey do me a favor and don't have exorcist demon hands" me: "1000% get it, no problem"
thank you @vanityfair // @marcjacobs
i've been so lucky i am the girl with golden hair i wanna sing it out to everybody what a joy, what a life, what a chance
3 days @chinamcclain
quik change @livekellyandryan
good morning, america
always mood since day 1
how does she do it
so funny so funny . 6 more days!!
walking through disney w my knight in shining armour @kennyortegablog look how cute he is
just found out that @nbchairspraylive was nominated for 7 emmys, so here's a creepy video of me singing @wicked_musical at @kchenoweth while she's completely oblivious & continues to have a conversation. thanks for loving me cheno i know it ain't easy
yõøö i never ask people for pics but