♡DOVE♡ @dovecameron

what would love do

cheeks for days 👼🏼
outtakes 💫
misbehavin 🐣
la vie en rose 🥀
still not allowed to post photos from the set of my new movie, so here's a strange, low-lit pic of me in my trailer after a long day of shooting wearing my boyfriends shirt as a dress to let y'all know i'm not dead 💀💫🥀 #dumplin
"do you feel that way because you're on top of the world? or are you on top of the world because you feel that way?" 🥀
woman hood 💣
morning ☕️
my eyes are wide like cherry pies 🍒
shot on 120 mm film
i 💛 @seventeen
while y'all were at the emmys @okgeorgie
i love it
my human
Tiny sweet And then it grows And then it fills the air Who knows what you call it? I don't care Out of somewhere I have something I have never had And sad is happy That's all I see 🥀
we can't post any photos from set in costume, so here's one of me and my wife looking *~casual~* #dumplin
& it's just a matter of time