Doris_Dachshund @doris_dachshund

Doris is my name...trouble is my game.

Another one down. This "indestructible" toy took me a week to crack (and I didn't even try everyday). Mind you, a week is 6 days, 23 hours and 50 minutes longer than most toys last. #dorisdestroyed
Doris the #beachbabe (photos courtesy Rita Virs)
Who said I was nice?
The end of the weekend...
I like being color coordinated with my seat.
Lazy rainy Sunday morning...
Who me?
Every girl loves her Chardonnay
It's the unofficial kick off to summer (in Canada) and I'm going to enjoy (either sniffing or eating) the blossoms...
Do I have to get up?
Who doesn't eat a giraffe on their (6 month) birthday??
I may bite you at any time...
Sometimes you need a body pillow for a Saturday snooze.
Hugo's muse @johnderiancompany ?
I can't hear you...(but my ears hurt) #wienerdogworld
...and then I cut her down at the knees and...
On the hunt ... 🐿