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Week three
Lollipopping up to the third node and sending them into flower same day
Consistency is 🔑 strong clones from healthy plants and locking in your environment is how you do it
Making medicated coconut oil 👌🏻
El Chapo gringo
60 plants in a 4x4
I only grow 1 strain so I have whole #s not a half of this and a half of that. That'll change when I get a warehouse ;)
Day 28 pistols turning orange and colas connecting
I love mondays. Oh you hate mondays? That's cool. I'm just gonna lap you.
What can I say? @jungleboys grow fire and are dominant in the culture. I'm lucky to live by @tlcpropd You can't talk shit about commercial weed because I guarantee this is better than what you're smoking. Sherbert, wedding cake both check all the boxes. To think I was smoking bricked schwag 10 years ago....
Day 21
Right has been defoliated. Left side has not.
Happy ladies. Getting that week 3 haircut tomorrow.
Please put me in some soil!
Had a spare room so I popped up another light
100% rooted in 10 days