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"Spring = Perpetual mud and wet dog smell" writes @ellie.bean.jelly.bean #dogsofinstagram
"I believe I can fly" writes @missladybagel #dogsofinstagram
Spring is in the air! 😍 The Ranger Bandana by |
"Fresh from a rain bath!" writes @houndsupnorth #dogsofinstagram
"My English Shepherd, Macintosh, is seven months old today. I can't believe how fast the time has flown. Puppy owners, cherish every moment." writes @lillypadpup #dogsofinstagram
"Not ready for Monday" writes @_wand_wand #dogsofinstagram
"When you're torn between wanting to be both a hippie and a princess, you tie your headscarf as a big bow and only lie down on your personal rag rug while out in nature" writes @chiathechihuahua #dogsofinstagram
SENIOR SUNDAY! We're excited to share this @susiesseniordogs success story! Remember 16 year old Daisy who was found around all alone in Jackson, Wyoming as a stray? Well...she got adopted!!! The shelter who took Daisy in believes she was abandoned at her most vulnerable stage of life. But all thanks to her new mom Pene, she now gets to live a charmed life in the "old lady gang." Daisy and her furry sisters take several off-leash walks a day and Daisy stays right by her new mom's side. She's not going anywhere, she knows she has found a great thing! Pene writes, "Daisy has joined the 'old lady gang' with Gypsy, the 13 year old heeler, and Kate, the 14 year old border collie. She also has three cats to keep her on her toes, Marley, Joey and Phoebe. Daisy will be spending the rest of her life supervising the gardening crew, taking long walks in the woods and relaxing every evening in her cushy queen size bed with the odd cat...or three! Daisy loves going on walks with Kate and Gypsy a few times a day. She just stays right next to me off leash or trots ahead and checks back every few seconds to see if we're all behind her. She is a perfect fit. She had a follow up visit with vet last week and he surmised her incontinence may be due to chronic pain in her hips. We are giving her gabapentin medication and she is a whole new animated dog with rare incontinence now! Such a simple solution to give her relief. I think after a long time she is finally mostly pain free. I really love her and she is having a having a good life now!"
"Pep's first wildflower season. Conclusion: flowers are not as tasty as they look." writes @pepper.phillips #dogsofinstagram
"Free as a bird" writes @endeavorsofego #dogsofinstagram
"my little flower girl. 💕" writes @miniaussie_joy #dogsofinstagram