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“We should call them: Mini Me (Lynn, Bordercollie 11 and Lucy, Biewerterrier 1, Maggy, Oldgermanshepherd 3 and Aika, Yorkshireterrier, 6)” writes @swissyorkie #dogsofinstagram
“I don't always wear a small dog. But when I do, I wear the cutest small dog ever.” writes @ridgeback.king & @verpinscht #dogsofinstagram
STORY TAKEOVER! “Hey, does anybody know the way to Times Square? 🤠🐻” Be sure to follow @oscarfrenchienyc and @irresistiblecharlie‘s adventure at the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog parade in our Story! #dogsofinstagram
STORY TAKEOVER! “My name is OfDog” writes @winstonthewhitecorgi. Follow along in our story to see him take on Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade! #dogsofinstagram
STORY TAKEOVER! “I’ve given up on scary and settled for cute this year” Follow along in our story to see @poochofnyc take on Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade! #dogsofinstagram
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“Took so many pictures in their Puffer Vests so y’all betta be ready” writes @herotheaussie #dogsofinstagram
"I thought you said ON three!" 📸 writes @shiloh.moose #dogsofinstagram
“Autumn smells good” writes @tikken_the_vizsla #dogsofinstagram
We’re so excited about this mini lookbook featuring our Puffer Vests and we want to celebrate with a giveaway! Here’s how to get in on the action: 1. Follow 2. Tap the link in’s bio to checkout the fall/winter collection 3. Comment here telling us which piece you’d love to win for your pooch 4. We’ll message the winner tomorrow! Big thanks to @herotheaussie @justicetheaussie @hopefeathers and for the amazing photos!
ADOPTABLE DOG! October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month and the ASPCA just launched a nationwide initiative called #FindYourFido to show the public how easily a shelter dog can fit into people's lives. Every Wednesday for the rest of the month we'll feature an adoptable dog who deserves a loving home. This week is Kipling (located in NY), a stoic little gentleman who can be shy at first, but once he gets comfortable, he loves pets, scratches, and curling up right next to you! If you're interested in adopting Kipling contact the ASPCA today and visit for more information on their awesome initiative and follow @dogsofshelters for more adoptable dogs!
“Downward dog like a boss” writes @griffinfrenchie #dogsofinstagram
STORY TAKEOVER! Follow along in our stories to see photos from @robbahou's book Animal Soul, where he captures stunning portraits of dogs and cats! In this photo? Rhythm, a friendly Australian Shepherd who sprinted outside to roll in the mud with his pals right after this photo was taken! #dogsofinstagram
“Summit smiles” writes @ambpitch #dogsofinstagram
SENIOR SUNDAY! @susiesseniordogs has a happy-tail update!! After lingering for several months in a rural West Virginia shelter, 10 year old Gus got ADOPTED this past weekend!! 115 pound Gus (formerly known as "Tiny" at the shelter) went unnoticed and overlooked for far too long simply due to his age. But after his big social media debut which garnered Gus some much needed attention, his story made his way to his new family...and the rest is history! Gus finally found freedom and the love of a family he's waited so long for. His new mom writes, "I wanted to let you know that Tiny is doing just wonderful and I am thrilled to have him! I've given him a new name for his new start, Gus. He is an absolute sweetheart and I can't remember ever having an easier time getting a dog settled in. He and my two other dogs are getting along very well, that was my biggest concern, but everything seems just fine. Gus had a long day on Saturday (time at the park with and without my two other dogs, lots of time in the yard, and a walk in his new neighborhood). He was very well mannered for dinner and treats, but not shy about eating! The first night with a new dog is usually stressful but Gus followed me to my bedroom, laid in his dog bed and went right to sleep. He slept like a rock all night without a sound! It was by far the easiest first night I've ever had with a new dog! He has not had any accidents in the house, he goes right outside and does his business. These last few weeks have been a very emotional time for me after losing my dog Rex. I never ever intended to get another third dog. But I guess some things just happen for a reason. I have a big leather chair that my dear Rex used to lay in (no one else, dog or human, uses it). It is Gus' new favorite place to lounge and I'm so happy he likes it!"
"Love is a four-legged word," writes @two_tremendous_tollers. #dogsofinstagram
“You said cheese wrapper what?” writes @a_bunchofdogs #dogsofinstagram
STORY TAKEOVER! Whiskey is a 3 year old Hungarian Vizsla that thinks she’s half humans and half princess. Checkout our Story to see a day in the epic, adventurous life of @mywhiskeygirl
“Who’s jealous ladies?” writes @thelifeof_hank #dogsofinstagram