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" Hello!! I'm Camilla...The Queen 👑" writes @laura_capp #dogsofinstagram
TRAINING TUESDAY: Breaking down behaviors. "BB, a rescued deaf puppy is learning to tidy up after herself." writes @bordernerd #rewardtraining #dogsofinstagram
"This is where I go when we go on adventures right" writes @moseswrotethis | 📸 by @cnkillingsworth #dogsofinstagram
"Everyday is play day! Love how the @linkakc collar lets us keep track of Remix's daily playtime activity." writes @remixthedog Checkout our "Story" and visit to learn more about the LINK AKC smart collar! #sponsored #dogsofinstagram
Bad to the 🍖 | 📸 by @banethebulldog
"I love burrowing and getting all snuggled up. My British dad calls this a sausage roll. (He thinks he's funny)." writes @frank.dachshund #dogsofinstagram
SENIOR SUNDAY! Today, @susiesseniordogs shares a beautiful tribute story. "Gramma was dumped at a high kill shelter at age 10. She could barely hear. She had been bred over and over. Her huge body had a horrible sway back. Her teats hung low and sad. Her body moved slowly but methodically. She was still very much a loving lab when I was given the privilege of calling her mine. Gramma was the most devoted living creature I have ever encountered. I was her human...she was my dog. She could not stand to be in another room, behind a closed door or gate without having a complete meltdown. I have never and may never experience such devotion again from a pet, but I am forever grateful for the love that she brought to my life and the love she graciously and wholly accepted from me. and breakfast. Because breakfast was the most incredible wonderful part of the day and she was quite vocal about it. Adopting a senior isn't for everyone. Their time with you is short, but there are so many positive benefits. Gramma was impeccably well behaved and gentle. She was calm and so grateful for all the luxuries we bestowed on her. She left me much too soon after capturing my heart and changing my life. -Ang"
STORY TAKEOVER! Chia is a tiny rescue advocate with a giant heart. Tap our profile image to see a day in the life of @chiathechihuahua
"Boop Friday" writes @wtfrenchie #dogsofinstagram
😍 The Molly Bandana by | 📸 @justicetheaussie
"Summer sunsets are simply the best" writes @mavtheaussie #dogsofinstagram
"Chilling under the willows" writes @mountain.mutts #dogsofinstagram