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"Squad (pack) goals" writes @woodlandsiberians #dogsofinstagram
STORY TAKEOVER! Tap our Story to checkout Bandana Bandits - a lookbook by to delight and inspire featuring the amazing @gigimakesmesmile @chilberg @baxterthebossydachshund
"Let's Zumba" writes @swissyorkie #dogsofinstagram
"This is my 2 month old puppy, Helka" writes @petit.loup.francais #dogsofinstagram
"Waiting for daddy to come home from work 👀" writes @missyminzi #dogsofinstagram
"What solar eclipse? I saw neither sun nor moon, only a ball," wrote @sushisaid.
"The magical Albus Puggledore. (Powers include sniffing out snacks)." writes @barkphotos #dogsofinstagram
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"Silky Sisters! Two pure breed Bali Dogs rescued from the street." writes @balidog_photography #dogsofinstagram
SENIOR SUNDAY! @susiesseniordogs wants to introduce you to their friend. Meet oh-so-cute Clyde! This 13 year old, forever #tongueouttuesday senior was surrendered by his lifetime owner to the New York City animal shelter. Clyde is very friendly, quiet, and overall healthy. He just has a few years on him is all! When Clyde arrived at the shelter he has a fair amount of matted fur; he even had matts tangled around his lower canine tooth. And it was causing him quite a bit of pain - poor guy! Thankfully, Clyde had a much needed dental surgery and also spent the day at the doggy spa -- he sure is feeling fine now! All of his rotten teeth were removed, so he now only has one tooth left (and is the reason why his tongue hangs out). For Clyde, being almost entirely toothless doesn't bother him one bit! He chows down on his human-grade soft food without any issue at all. And loves his soft treats, too. Clyde is cuddly, loves to be pet, and is very low-maintenance. He walks well on the leash and still has a lot of pep in his step! He has a little trouble going up and down stairs, so he will wait for you to pick him up to help him out. He gets along great with other dogs and cats and would do well in variety of homes. He is simply looking for someone who will appreciate him for the senior sweetheart he is! Clyde is being fostered in Manhattan, NYC and can be adopted in the surrounding area. All adopters must complete an adoption application. Please email @shelterchic animal rescue at info with any questions.
"You hooman, boop my snoot!" writes @elmo_espis #dogsofinstagram
"Sibling love ❤️" writes @thespottyspaniels #dogsofinstagram
"Not another soap opera" writes @malamutecalledutah #dogsofinstagram
Who wore it better? @fiothefrenchie or @therock? Shop Checkout Fio's look via #dogsofinstagram
"Fall is slowly arriving in Southern Norway" writes @lifeofkovu #dogsofinstagram
"My name is Vienna ❤️ I'm a sweet and joyful 2-month "old" dalmatian puppy with chocolate spots 🐾" writes @viennathedal #dogsofinstagram
ADOPTABLE DOG: Learn more about Miranda and see her in a flower crown via @dogsofshelters and follow along for adoptable dogs and rescue stories. 📸 @sophiegamand
" This is my beauty, Penny! She's a 5 lb., 3 mo. Chihuahua mix - I just rescued her 3 weeks ago from the local shelter near me here in Brooklyn, NY. She is SUCH a sweetheart, and everyone loved her! Mellow & Merry, her trainer describes her as" writes @oneluckypuppenny #dogsofinstagram
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"Travel friendly since Day 1 🐻" writes @winfredthefrenchie #dogsofinstagram