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Heyyy, ik what your all thinking.., "omg she hasn't posted in forever!!" WELL IM BACK BOIS!! I've just had a lot of exams this month and last month which was annoyingly hard, but most of them are over so I'll try post more often!
Hey guys! (Yes that's my cat...., in a box...., don't question...) Anyways! This is just a post to say..... THANK YOU ALL FOR 800 FRICKIN FOLLOWERS!!! OMG I ALNOST DIED OF A LEG ATTACK WHEN I LOGGED BACK IN OMGGGGGG!!!! LOVE U ALL AND WILL MAKE A NEW EDIT REALLT SOON! 🎈🎈🎈🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉
Omg guys I'd love it if u lived in OR near Glasgow that u voted for them to come to Glasgow so I and others can meet them!!!! It would be my dream if they came and ik I've been patching this account but imma try and be more active now! Love u all and will owe whoever voted for Glasgow!!! 😘😘😘
Sorry I haven't posted lately, lots of stuff going on hope u all understand x but WOW almost 800 we have come so far! X
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ATTENTION!!!! Everyone go follow @dobbyfanss now cause their page is lit!! Their edits are soooo lit it's hard to explain! GO FOLLOW THEM NOWWEEE
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Then something happened.... I heard the door slam, louder than normal. Must be Scott. Y/n- be right back guys I think that's Scott. Dobby- Kk I run downstairs and expect to see Scott, but instead there's a guy in a black ski mask standing pointing a gun at me! Guy- STAY STILL, HANDS UP! I do as he says while he examines the living room, then I hear whispering and Dobby and Max come down. We started whispering to each other. Y/n- Guys! What are you doing!! Max- what's happening?! Y/n-I don't know, juts go back upstairs and call te police or something. I heard that guy coming.. Y/n- GO HES COMING! *whispering* THE guy walks back in with his gun in one hand and the other hand empty. Guy- now, you're my bait in this situation , so thanks for being here! Y/n- w-what do you mean.... Guy- if the police come or something, I'll put the gun to your head, if they make a move, I shoot you, easy! Y/n- *mutters* easier said than done... Guy- DONT TALK! I jump and put my hands back up. Just then I hear the police pull up and they burst the door down! Well there goes my door! Police1- PUT YOUR HANDS UP! Guy- not a chance. THE guy quickly puts me in a chokehold with the gun to my head. Guy- Make ONE move and she's dead. Teas start to slip out of my eyes, but I try not to let them. I see Dobby hiding at the stairs looking at me worriedly. Police2- who called the police? Everyone looks to me. Dobby- we did actually. Just then, him, max and Liv come down the stairs. The ski mask guy looks worried cause he's well outnumbered, but then he loads the gun and puts his finger on the trigger, then steps backwards a lot. Guy- NOBODY MOVE OR I WILL PULL THE TRIGGER! Everyone looked scared at first, but then they are smirking? Just then someone jumps on the guys back and he lets me go causing me to fall to the ground, wow he had strong grip around my neck, I can hardly catch my breath. I try watch to see who saved me, SCOTT?! The police took the ski mask dude away to jail and left us with Scott. Dobby- ARE YOU OKAY?! I nod in response. Dobby gives me a big hug, until Scott came back in with an ice pack for my neck...... Comment "🌹" for more xx
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