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It Gets No Better Than This 👑 - @therealtrulife
@evalongoria said I Smell Like Money 👑
Things Have Changed In New York City ! Thursdays Sexiest Party Is at @sugardaddysnyc 🎬🎬🎬🎬 Tonight
I'm Not Talkin , I'm Producing 👑 (( with tha homey @soultheamericandream
Mix CD given by @champagnepapi (( who's the First DJ that Drake had Dinner With From New York City ??
See Yall Years From Now 👑 (( at that Sammy Album Release Party with my gurl @yandysmith
Catch Me In Tha Streets , I'm On Tha Same Shit 👑 (( #NewYorkCityStreets With @don_spade
It's Real Fam , Anything Ya Team Wana Do 👑
Tha Feds Got Us In Their Top Ten 👑
More Action Next Thursday Night at @sugardaddysnyc 🎬🎬🎬
I'm Less Talk , More Action 👑
You Are Now Looking At The Future 👑 . Tag That Artist That Can Win This Event In Comments . Email 2020rtm for more info . #Platinum
Who's Your Top 3 Battle Rappers ? Heavy Convo With @realsway , @itsbizkit , @greenlightzo 🎬
On Some Real Larger Than Life Type Moves 👑 (( Rock The Mic Showcase winner @_grammer Bodied @realsway in Tha Morning #RespectKing
Its Locked Now, Check All The Doors (( meet tha winner of Tha Sway In The Morning Edition of the Rock The Mic Showcase @_grammer 👑
If You Don't Have A Vision , You Are Not Going (((shout to My Guy @realsway Being apart Of this Prestigious Event 👑
I'm Not Mad At Their Choice, but @murdamookez & @ounp1523 answered too Quick 😡😡 (( who yall Got ??! Answer in comments #LiveAtTheBEToffices
This Is Where You Want To Be 👑
Lolll Nahhh , New York Strip Clubs Be Like 😂😂😂 / (( Caption This Video
I Make It Happen , I Am Not Wishing 👑