Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya

Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya @divyankatripathidahiya

Our very talkative @vahbz starting her own talk show #ShowbizWithVahbiz! A match made in heaven! 😍 Congratulations Vahbz, @pankitthakker and @indianwikimedia
Very very very excited about this upcoming episode on 20th September! It's grand! #AmazingEverything. DO NOT MISS IT!
All Smiles 😁
I fail to understand, how could I have sound sleep on a studio sofa and in a moving car but not on a regular bed!?🤔 #MysteriesOfLife #UnFiltered
Painting the town red! ❤️ #StapleDialogue that comes with red dresses.😉 #YHM
Together we rule. #YHM
In a beautiful black dress, yet posing like a coy Indian girl! Will change, but won't change.
Some of our madness instantly make us smile... Our #Nainmatakka💑 captured by a news group and musically edited by @Sharukh_khan902.
In a beautiful creation by @Parinees for #ZeeRishteAwards. Loved this so much sweety. 😘
Hubby and me. #ZeeRishteAwards last night. #ZRA
Caught in action by @parthamitra64 😍
All the best #AVPCrew and @vabs_perfectentertainer 👍
Even #Gymfies are important. #FeelGoodFactor
#TeachersDay made special thanks to #E24 and #Telemasala... ❤️❤️❤️ #SoulOfGod #CharitableTrust #PictureCredit - @sanimohini
Wishing #TeamPunit all the best! Vote for them.❤️ May you win @vabs_perfectentertainer, our Rockstar!
Needn't caption everything, specially when the eyes reflect what's in the heart! #PureHappiness! Picture courtesy @sanimohini
Tazaa picture with the birthday boy ❤️ Picture courtesy @neenakulkarni 🤗
Happy happy birthday Appyyy!!! There could be no dull moment around you! I wish, you get all the reasons to be happy always! Love, Your Ishu! Pic courtesy @parthamitra64