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@tamikadmallory is family. She’s the real deal and what she’s doing right now is necessary!!! @revolttv #BlackExcellence #TheNewNarrative
Congrats to @laflare1017 @keyshiakaoir!! God bless your unity, your family, your friends and your whole world!! May it be positive and elevated at the highest form of positivity and elevation!! It was an honor to be there! Thank you for inviting me and my family!! Love!! Love!! Love!!
You see it!! We’re just out here spreading love and getting to this work!! @kingcombs @princejdc @cassie Congrats to @laflare1017 @keyshiakaoir!!! God bless your unity!! #BlackExcellence #TheNewNarrative #FamilyFIRST
This is what Hip Hop getting money together looks like!!!! @Ciroc #FrenchVanilla by @FrenchMontana!
If you don’t know now you KNOW we built this country
American Airlines, #TamikaMallory is my family and until you at least give her the respect and dignity that she deserves, I’m sorry to say that I will no longer be flying on American Airlines until this situation is resolved. Thank you. Our queens must be respected. Repost to the world people!!!! Revolt OUR VOICE
Hey everyone I’m doing a phone fast!!! I’ll be posting soon. In the mean time GOD BLESS!!!
Miami meet me at LIV!!! Right now
We’re hustling on a whole other level!!! You see it!!! @hairweavekiller @deleontequila #TheNextLevel #DBOYS #REVOLTMusicConference
My brother @therealnoreaga just got to my house late and there wasn't any more Fried Chicken!! But the thing about family is we eat off each others plates haha #SoulFoodSunday #CirocBlueDot @drinkchamps @revoltTV
Me & @PrinceJdc tonight @ LIV!!! 😂😂 MIAMI WE SPREADING LOVE TONIGHT & POSITIVE VIBES!!! #TeamLove #DBoyz #CirocBoyz
I see you KING!!! He hustles hard, he's one of us!! #BlackExcellence #RMC @fatboy_sse
Last night we honored THE QUEEN!! It’s important that we support and celebrate each other!! From music to film and TV she’s been one of our fearless leaders!! Love to my sister, my hero @queenlatifah!!! #REVOLTMusicConference #BlackExcellence #TheNewNarrative
My mentor, my friend @andreharrell!! None of this would be possible if you didn’t give me a chance to be great!! #AboutLastNight #REVOLTMusicConference #BlackExcellence
One time for my sister @queenlatifah!! The 2017 recipient of the Jimmy Iovine Icon Award at the #REVOLTMusicConference!!! #BlackExcellence #TheNewNarrative
I have a certain relationship with the Puerto Rican community growing up as a kid. We’re all together at the end of the day. I’ve been feeling concerned and needed to do something. We need to try to do what we can in all tragic situations for other people that need it. We can’t wait for the government to come help us. We all have the power to give some help and we did that tonight!! Love to my brother @marcanthony and all my Latino brothers and sisters!! #SomosJuntos
You definitely have to be a little crazy! Your faith and your belief has to be crazy. You have to see what's not there and manifest it to being there. That's what Revolt Music Conference is all about!!! #AskDiddy