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"The happier you are, the more beautiful you become" Cheers for the weekend ahead! Wearing skintone square scarf in "Blush" from @ihijab.official, just wanna let you know mereka lagi restock nih.. Jadi jangan salahin aku kalo kehabisan lagi yaaa.. 😂✌🏻️😘❤️ go grab your favorite colors 😘🌹
Finally @chachamatcha 😍💚💖 This ombré drink is jam-packed with matcha, beetroot, ginger, turmeric, pepper, blue algae, and spirulina and tastes so good 😍
"After all, pleasure is a luxury. It's Love that's essential" 💛 went supercasual because it's day off kinda day 📸 by @arginisawilda 😘
Welcoming the Islamic New Year with hope and peace. May this year always filled with countless blessings. Alhamdulillah, another day, another chance to be better than yesterday 💜 ••••••••••••••••• Wearing Radwah "Carmen Shawl" available in @hijup .com 💜 make up by mba @carolinasepteritabeauty from @wardahbeauty 💜
People with purpose, goals, passion and visions have no time for drama. They invest their energy in Creativity, and focus on living a positive life. Surround yourself with positive people, they will support each other, work hard, have fun, and no drama 💪🏻 #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat #PositiveVibesOnly
Have you seen my latest TVC with @kopimantapabc? 😍 What do you think about it!? 😆 I personally love it so much.. Thank you for having me @kopimantapabc 😍 and yaaaaay finally isinya 15% lebih banyak, lebih creamy dan lebiiih bikin semangat cari inspirasi 😍 #MadeMyDay
Breathtaking profile shot for my next fashion week campaign, beautifully captured by kak @karinayasmine 😍Gorgeous flawless make up by kak @philipekarunia 😍 What a great combo! Thank you kakak kakak 😘🌹
A day full of awesomeness ❤️😍 @ascia @hautehijab @nadiaazmy @summeralbarcha @themostmona @alaa_balkhy @marwaatik @mariaalia @feeeeya which one is your favorite? 😍 •••••••••••••••• Thank you everyone who came! You made the day even more brighter and beautiful ❤️ and Thank you @wardahbeauty for the lipcream, flowers, delicious cupcakes and foods 😍😆🌹😘 📸 by @afidasukma
Finally reunited again with my love @ascia after years! Gosh can't remember when was the last time 😆 I always feel totally motivated whenever I meet her.. Her good vibes, positivity, humbleness, her hug and her bright eyes just can do so much to me.. Can I even walk with you everyday, Ascia!? 😂😁 Need that vibe daily! 😍😘🌹
My #MOTD for the gathering with the bloggers and fashion people in NYC! All using @wardahbeauty 😍 buat yang nanyaaa my lipcream is from Wardah no. 18 Saturdate Night my current favorite and the one who always in my bag 😆 #ColorYourLife #NewYorkFashionWeek #GoDPxBAforNYFW @wardahbeauty @wardahfashionjourney #WardahFashionJourney #FromJKTtoNY #DPassionateJourney
"The worst part of life is waiting, but the best part of life is having someone worth waiting for" ❤️
Saharsa long dress available at @shopdianpelangi so comfy for dailywear 😍❤️ square scarf from @ihijab.official 💛🌹
#Repost @hijup ・・・ HIJUP Shopping Spree trip to Spain with Dian Pelangi. Belanja dan dapatkan kesempatan untuk memenangkan hadiah utama trip ke Spanyol bersama @dianpelangi. Kamu juga bisa mendapatkan satu set perhiasan seserahan dari The Palace Jeweler senilai Rp30 juta serta satu unit sepeda motor. Periode 8 Agustus-15 September 2017. Belanja sekarang dan dapatkan hadiahnya! #HIJUPpromo #DPxoxoHIJUP
#Repost @wardahfashionjourney ・・・ Koleksi “Allurealist" dari @DianPelangi dan “Canities Subita” dari @BarliAsmara tampil di New York Fashion Week First Stage 2018 Indonesian Diversity @nyfw @nyfwfirststage, kembali membawa kreativitas Indonesia ke panggung international dengan inspirasi makeup dari @WardahBeauty. Stay tuned for the complete show. #WardahFashionJourney #FromJKTtoNY #ColorYourLife #RoadtoJFW2018 @Wardahbeauty @WardahFashionJourney
I'm not an expert for OOTD caption. Took me a while to choose which one to upload, and then adjust the colors, then thinking about the caption.. Kelamaan, lama-lama nggak jadi upload deh 😂 who's with me? 😂 but here I am walking around Brooklyn Bridge, NYC 😆 #ColorYourLife #NewYorkFashionWeek #GoDPxBAforNYFW @wardahbeauty @wardahfashionjourney #WardahFashionJourney #FromJKTtoNY #DPassionateJourney 📸 by @afidasukma
"Kita diatas untuk turun, dibawah untuk naik, jatuh untuk bangkit, terbang untuk membumi. Walaupun pikiran melangit, hati harus tetap membumi. Simpan sombongmu baik-baik." #InspirationalQuotes
#Repost @wardahfashionjourney ・・・ @DianPelangi dan @BarliAsmara kembali dalam #WardahFashionJourney di New York! Ikuti perjalanan mencari inspirasi penuh warna dari The Big Apple untuk fashion Indonesia. Stay tuned for the full video! #WardahFashionJourney #FromJKTtoNY #ColorYourLife @Wardahbeauty @WardahFashionJourney