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creative director, product designer, blogger and travel addict living in los angeles. ❤️

love seeing people’s styled shelves in their homes. we took a tour of joanie’s quaint apartment in east hollywood on the blog. and she made us breakfast sandwiches! see how the new @nespressousa essenza mini blends right in with its modern design and small size. #ad #bigcoffeemoments
simple joys in the morning ✨
make these easy breakfast sandwiches, recipe on the blog!
shooting @nightpalm today. and starting new exciting projects that were inspired by this awesome silver lake store.
stopped by joanie’s adorable 750 sq ft apartment to shoot a breakfast recipe post. we’re highlighting small spaces and how the new @nespressousa essenza mini fits perfectly in their kitchen and looks sleek on those shelves. see how to make our breakfast sandwiches and tour @joaniecusack’s kitchen on the blog!   #ad #bigcoffeemoments
we love grilling with friends on sundays. cleaning up now and love this corner of the dining room. art by @tappancollective
happy hour at casa @colognemumu 💙
miss this spot. #tulum
finally got to check out @greatwhitevenice and it's so cool AND delicious. definitely go if you're in venice! #dlffavefoodspot
made me happy this morning @amy_merrick 😍
on set shooting and these colors are making me happy ✨
just posted all of the photos for the story we shot for gorman on the blog (link in profile). very proud of this one and can't wait for the next project. what should it be, @jessechamberlinmarble?!? 💭
this guy, always keeping me smiling. happy to have him by my side ♥️
our bouquets were pretty.
a very very special day 💍 love you @laceyschmitt @iseleyg!!
my faaaaavorite season 🍂
can we sit and chat about instagram for a minute? so many people talking about it but barely anyone posting about it. how much it has changed. how hard it is for people to see your posts now. how hard it is to grow your following compared to a year or so ago. how they want you to pay to show your pictures even to the followers you worked really hard to get naturally. how you try not to care about the number of likes because it's an app and not anymore than that...but it can still feel discouraging and not great when you put a lot of effort into the images you take. (or maybe it's a lesson that we shouldn't get hooked on internet attention?) so you try to just say "i'm gonna post what makes me happy and who cares!" but then people can't see your post unless it's some kind of insanely pink picture and you second guess yourself if your photos are good. i feel like all of that has taken the magic away from instagram. a tool that used to be so fun and engaging and good for business and all of that. can we just go back to how it was before!? where everything is in chronological order and we can see our friend's posts? have you guys noticed the big shift? do you think i'm gonna get blacklisted for posting this 🤷🏼‍♀️
celebrating my friend @amberinteriors new collab with @fossil tonight and it's SO PRETTY IN HERE! this table is where i'll be standing for awhile. #fossilfirsts #fossilsponsored
♥️GIVEAWAY (now closed!!) ♥️i'm a huge fan of @sezane (such cool clothes) and doing a big $500 giveaway for one winner right here! i just posted a blog post with all my faves and a tour of their amazing store so you can peek at that. TO ENTER here's what to do...🔹1: follow @sezane and @designlovefest on instagram 🔹2: tag a friend in the comments who you think would love the brand! 🔹then we will pick a winner next wednesday who will receive a $500 shopping credit, only one entry per person. good luck! #sezane
paper flower magic ♥️ @thussfarrell