Deana Calendro

Deana Calendro @deeoeoe

On my 22nd lap around the sun 🙋🏻Taurus ♉️ Good Life 🌈

Why so good 😩💜
Pig out lunch. 😂🍴🐷💕
After 4 years. 😂💕 No one could ever replace them. 🙄🎈
It was a lit night! I can't even contain the happiness. We're forever. 💕 #HappyBirthdaySirJam 🎂🎉
Midnight Munchies with my love. 🐷💕
Cheat a little 🐷💕
Wingz x Nachos x Maltesers Milkshake for lunch break 🤤🐷💕
Starting my day with a cup of latte. ☕️💕 loving my new spade ♠️💕 #thursdaygrind
Orange Chocolate 🤤🍊🍫🍦
My always and forever kaaway. 😘💕
Wicked Oreos x Loaded Nachos x Fine Sundays with love ☺️😍💕🌮🍪
A little splurging won't hurt 😌💸
Nuke 🔪🐖
Dope kid 🙌🏼🍡🍻
It's Friday! 🍻🎉
Alone time. 💕
Thank You! @wasabi_ninjazz ☺️💕
Can't resist 🤤
Satisfaction 🍜💕
My first job wouldn't look so easy without the help of these two and I'm grateful that out of hundreds of employees in this company I've met these weirdos and turned into real friends. 😂🙄 Thank You for all the help since my first day in the industry. I'll see you soon guyths ☺️💕 so long Makati Life! 👋🏼