Deana Calendro

Deana Calendro @deeoeoe

On my 22nd lap around the sun 🙋🏻Taurus ♉️ Good Life 🌈

Taco Shop ☺️🌮
Thank You for your randomness. 🥀💕 @wasabi_ninjazz
Gaining weight with @wasabi_ninjazz 🐷💕
Curry gaming 😏🍛💕
When you can have bacon and cheese on top of the wings 🐷💕🥓🧀🍗✨
Oohlala ☺️🌮💕
Chill Saturday Nights. 😌🍻
Another long weekend is coming 😆🎉🎊🍻
Eating so much carbs last night 🐷🍦
Why so good 😩💜
Pig out lunch. 😂🍴🐷💕
After 4 years. 😂💕 No one could ever replace them. 🙄🎈
It was a lit night! I can't even contain the happiness. We're forever. 💕 #HappyBirthdaySirJam 🎂🎉
Midnight Munchies with my love. 🐷💕
Cheat a little 🐷💕
Wingz x Nachos x Maltesers Milkshake for lunch break 🤤🐷💕
Starting my day with a cup of latte. ☕️💕 loving my new spade ♠️💕 #thursdaygrind
Orange Chocolate 🤤🍊🍫🍦
My always and forever kaaway. 😘💕