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irreverent and even less relevant

shopping for plant babies!
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I was thinking about book club and I have a couple suggestions
my #1 man, and forever hero. #happyfathersday
Start a book club. Cry over poetry with your friend. Read in the afternoon sunlight. Make a list of the reasons it's good to be alive. Do something lovely for your dad this weekend!
Krav Maga, because sharp instincts are the new fear @a.j.draven
Follow the trail of stowaway sprinkles. #sprinklesrich #amexplatinum #museumoficecream
Insatiable got picked up by Netflix. That means you guys are about to be able to binge thirteen episodes of different humans and the hungers they can't seem to fill. This series navigates a moving, intertwined spectrum of sexuality, race, love, age, identity, humour and the instability that comes from humanity and mental conditions: obsession, control, disordered eating, pathology, fear of owning our identity... I need this show because I put in it my heart and it stuck there. We need this show because it's important to tell human stories right now. It's important to laugh and it's important to relate and it's important to be uncomfortable and it's most important to learn, and then love.
Thankful to've been by your side through our embarrassing moments, challenges, celebrations, and victories. Thanks for letting me be your prom date, your maid of honour, kitten godmom, sometimes your toughest charity case... couldn't ask for a more magical cupcake smashing, confetti tossing, glitter wearing adventure buddy and thanks for twelve years of showing me what a true princess is. I've never known someone to embody strength as joy the way you do. Twentyfour is gonna be great and I'm excited to know you through it ✨
tag urself I'm the one dressed like a mouse
no greater satisfaction than to #collab on my #art
🌈🖤❤️🖤💛🖤💚🖤💙🖤💜🖤🌈 I will always be my friends' biggest fan and I will fight you on it!! Esp this one. How can one smol human be so magic and skilled and wise and warm and fun to be around
I gotta watch Moana and also switch to summer clothes
✨ So much to do, so much to see, 📸: @electricvoice
one is for safely walking to your car alone and two are for doing major damage to a homecooked meal but if you try hard enough, everything is protection and anything can be a spork
*lil Jon voice*
cats teach you a lot about boundaries @lilireinhart took this photo
Don't ya wanna dance Say ya wanna dance DONTCHA WANNA DANCE