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For the fifth time @brandonsemenuk closes out a week of Crankwox by taking home gold at Red Bull Joyride. Now it's time to dust off and head home, even if just for a few hours // Whistler, BC
The weather forecast is Whistler shows zero chance of rain for what feels like the 30th day in a row. As a result things are a bit parched out there // Whistler, BC.
Big moves through the hazy and dusty air above Whistler's infamous Boneyard // Whistler, BC.
Mountain views in Whistler as the sun casts it's final ray of the day accross the far end of the valley // Whistler, BC.
On a loamy trail snaking it's way through trees and a smokey haze, @natehills1 is all alone amongst the giants // Whistler, BC. . @yeticycles
Finally @jessemelamed can take a sigh of relief, finally getting the monkey off his back and taking his first ever @world_enduro win. Even better is that he did it at home in front of friends, family and a community that has supported him along the way // Whistler, British Columbia.
Ride Don't Slide with just a touch of rain and lingering fog might just be one of the best trails you could ever ride // Whistler, BC.
A very smokey view from the top of Whistler Peak // British Columbia, Canada.
It's been smokey sunsets all week in Whistler due to the BC wildfires burning to the north. Thankfully it sounds like rain is finally on the way though // British Columbia, Canada - August 2017.
The blur that will be the entire month of August continues. Whistler bound for a week of non-stop riding and fun.
Winning isn't easy, nor is coming second or third. @deanwilson15 left is all out on the track in the brutal mid-western humidity to grab that elusive spot on the podium // Millville, Minnesota - July 2017.
After a day spent standing out in the pouring rain, getting sprayed with a champagne shower almost went unnoticed for a moment // Mont Ste Anne, Quebec.
Dropping into the fastest track of the year with @tahneeseagrave. The first photo epic of the action from Mont Ste Anne is now live on @pinkbike // Quebec, Canada - August 2017.
The only things more densly packed than the cars on I-70 leaving Summit County are the aspen trees in Aspen // Colorado - July 2017.
It doesn't get much better than flowing down the trail and floating in the air through a dense grove of aspen trees // Aspen, Colorado - July 2017 . . @iagogaray @foxmtb
There's an view of the Rocky Mountains out there somewhere, just not when the thunderstorms roll in at 10k feet // Aspen, Colorado.
Another rut obliterated as @elitomac drags the bars through some very water-logged sand in Spring Creek // Millville, Minnesota.
Out front, all alone, and riding whatever bike devouring rut he wanted. @marvinmusquin25 was simply untouchable at Spring Creek // @ride100percent // Millville, Minnasota - July 2017.
Looking forward to a few days in Minnesota while adding a bit of horsepower to the action with @marvinmusquin25 and the rest of the @ride100percent crew.
Mountains on mountains on mountains at the foothills of the Andes. The sunsets just above Santiago, Chile always seem to have just a little extra haze that gives the color a unique and soft glow // Farellones, Chile, April 2014.