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Celebrating the 3-year anniversary of my first trip to Disneyworld with the Grumps crew!
Backstage in Manchester with some really cool friends!
The new NSP music video for our cover of Rocket Man is out on YouTube today. So excited!!
Paying respects to another musician hero of mine in Dublin. This is the statue of Phil Lynott (Lead singer of Thin Lizzy). You better believe I'll be blasting "Jailbreak" tonight before the show!
Met a musical idol of mine last night: Martin Turner, former lead singer of Wishbone Ash. Check out their album "Argus" if you like classic rock. One of my all time faves!!
Things always get extra cool when @mortemer lends you her accessories!
Looking out at Wales from Cardiff Castle!
The NSP video for our cover of "Pour Some Sugar On Me" came out on YouTube today and I'm as happy as this European electrical outlet!
If you're ever in Sweden, go check out the Vasa Museum. It's centered around a gigantic ship that sank in the 1600s and then was brought back to the surface 300+ years later. Here's me standing next to 1/1000th of it. Amazing!
Taking this museum very seriously!
I am definitely not mature enough to handle the roadsigns in Sweden
On the European tour bus with two of my best friends!
Who wore it better? Me or this pen?
Neck pillow is locked in! We are GO for Amsterdam!!
Taking a moment to honor one of the greatest musicians of my lifetime. I love you, Tom Petty! You will be missed!
Check out this killer dragonscale loincloth a fan made for me. I will definitely find a use for this!!
Anyone who likes the band Ghost will appreciate this awesome piece of fanart I got at the Ninja Sex Party show tonight!
What a beautiful show in Portland last night. Thanks to all my friends and fans in Oregon. I love you! 📸 by @willow_puppet
Thanks to the @fillmoreden for giving NSP this trophy after we played there on Saturday. I'm gonna change the text at the bottom so everyone thinks I won a karate tournament!
Apparently the guy taking my order at the Market in Seattle knows what's up!