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Hugging my dad after an NSP show. 📸 by @lickmylenscap
There are so many talented people who help me get my voice ready for the stage. One of my favorites is @amychapman ...an awesome vocal therapist in LA! Here she is giving me a vocal massage, which is as delightful as it sounds!
Fare thee well, beard. You were very itchy, but we had some good times together!
So artistic, or something!
OK, last pizza costume picture I promise! I'm always at my happiest when I'm doing something stupid and fun!
Officially the beardiest I've ever been in my life
Yeah, I bench.
I got recognized on the street...as Kenny G. I guess this is my life now.
Are you metal enough to handle my Muppet Babies T-shirt??? Thanks @sometalapparel
My thumb is looking as weird as ever, but I'm feeling good!
Turns out the awesome folks at @spencers are fans and sent me a bunch of cool shirts! This ones my favorite!
Buried in hair. Tell my mom I love her!
Just came across a forgotten photo from the porn convention. I have no idea who I'm with here, nor do I remember taking this picture. This is a fun time in my life!
Guess who won't be forgetting his name today. This guy!
Proud to be representing @theswordofficial today. I saw these guys a couple of nights ago at the El Rey theater and they rocked socks!!! #TheSword
I somehow ended up at a club at Comiccon with @joecrow11 and @Jasonleirose where Hodor from Game of Thrones is DJing! HODOOORRRRR!!!!
This is apparently what I look like when someone starts yelling at a telephone pole while I'm trying to take a picture.