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Who makes these???
Finally got that new NES laserscope that all the cool kids are talking about!
Thanks to one of my favorite synthwave bands, @nightrunnermusic84 for sending me this sweet shirt. I love their music so much!
Sassy Saturday!
I enjoy love songs!
Morning ritual
Tea time!
It sure did!
One more of me and my pool bros. I miss Jersey already!
Hahahahaha! Me as a sophomore in high school! #pussymagnet
The blue Jewish lion in its natural habitat. (📸 by @mgc.exe)
My lifelong friends @joecrow11, @afs2326, and I pretending that we don't know where the camera is.
This is me around 4 years old, passed out on a couch. Not much has changed
Sometimes I'm very disappointed by the things I see in my home state of New Jersey. (because I really wanted to put my child in that bag.)
Chase the Wonder Dog rescuing me from 3 feet of water
Summer sprinkler fun with the nephews!
I went to the Turtle Back Zoo and rode this sweet bullet train! All aboard for adventure at 5 miles per hour!!!
Here's another throwback to when I grew a terrible mustache! One of my top 10 fashion decisions!
Throwback of me on Bourbon Street. 10 years ago I think!
This made sense in context I swear