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Violet Benson @daddyissues_

Everyone has an alter ego, this one is mine 💁🏼 TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS 💋 💌:

Why is being a lightweight such a bad thing?? I'm about to get drunk on 2 glasses of wine and still have money left over for food 💁🏼 (add me @violetbens0n)
I just want a job where I take naps and masturbate all day while getting paid like 50K a week.
Is your name Forrest Gump?? Because once you'll get to know me, you're gonna run for your life! LOL (add my other account @violetbens0n)
I feel so good about myself after I work out that I reward myself with a bottle of wine and chicken nuggets but then when I weigh myself I'm heavier which makes me drink more 😭 you see my dilemma here!?!
Happy Sunday Sugar Tits 😂
I'm SO hungry I could literally eat anywhereee except the 93 places you just named like why can't you read my mind or taste buds n figure out what I want.. da fuk!?! 🤷🏼‍♀️ ( @shopdaddyissues)
With everything else being so fake these days, at least my lashes stay real. I partnered up with @benefitcosmetics to share one of my fav mascaras with you! #theyrereal // Creative direction and written by me 🤗
My brain during the day: food. My brain at night: food. 🤷🏼‍♀️ via @shopdaddyissues
This is so perfect for any time my friends try to tell me about their problems and I'm like wait if it's not about me then why am I here lol... nap time! @shopdaddyissues
😭 via @violetbens0n I just posted a funny video on there
When my friends tell me to not be so extra and I'm like I was born extra sweetie... now go fetch me a rose 💁🏼 ( @teyanataylor)
What you mean.... I already am just as extra If not more. Errrrday is my birfffday. 💁🏼
Everyone thinks I'm overdramatic but when an octopus gets stressed out, it eats itself.... NOW that's overdramatic although I do wish I could eat myself since all the boys I know seem to do it wrong. 😜
Sorry but when my BFF gets married, I ain't going anywhere. We a package deal... That means you've been dating me too n we together now... #Siempre
Sthap it Raaaaahnnnn yer trahwmuhhizing me #NeverForget #nuncaolvidar
Gonna find me a boyfriend this weekend!!!! Here I am 💁🏼
Boys come and go but BFF's are forever because they know too much so you can never let them go 😜👯🖤
I am one bad relationship away from ending up on TLC for trying to date my cat. Guess I'll keep masturbating till it kills me lol 🤷🏼‍♀️
Things I hate about work: 1.Waking up 2. No drinking allowed 3. Humans 4. Working 5. Drinking isn't allowed on the job #kcamexico
You know I've realized that I'm probably just perfect and it's everyone else around me that's got issues. 😂😂