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Slow cooked meats, super salads, halloumi + dips pita pockets + boxes. FRI ~ @Kerbfood Kings Cross SAT ~ @E17VillageMarket

We can be found at @KERBfood London Bridge today! Come by for your summer lunch full of super eastern Med salads, cooling tzatziki, tahini, slow cooked meats and charred halloumi! Full KERB lunch lineup here:
Get all of your halloumi needs met this week; THURS: Sheldon Sq, Paddington with @streetdots 12-2pm FRI: Kings X with @Kerbfood 12-2pm SAT: @e17villagemarket 10:30-3:30pm Pic credit @darcrose22
Get your pretty pita pouches or lush lunch boxes this week: WEDS: Kings X with @kerbfood 12-2pm THURS: Sheldon Sq Paddington with @streetdots 12-2pm FRI: Kings X 12-2pm SAT: @e17villagemarket 10:30-15:00 pic credit: @bsaulgarner
We're back and you can find us this week: WEDS: @kerbfood Kings X - 12 - 2pm THURS: Sheldon Sq, Paddington / @streetdots - 12 - 2pm FRI: @kerbfood Kings X - 12 - 2pm SAT: @e17villagemarket - 10:30 - 15:30 @Regrann from @bermondseyse1 - Lunch anyone?
Our newest recruit turned up on Friday 5th completely legless and not being able to string a sentence together. Hence we were unable to attend @kerbfood Kingscross and @e17villagemarket. After some rigerous review of our training program we aim to resume service as normal in the coming weeks. We'll post upcoming dates on social media soon...
Bringing the sunshine to @e17villagemarket today until 15:30
12hr slow cooked lamb. Falls off the bone and right into your pita or meal box. Find us: Friday: Kings Cross with @kerbfood Saturday: @e17villagemarket
Check out those happy pomegranate seeds, surfing the tzatziki wave! You can find us this week THURS: Merchant Square Paddington SAT: @e17villagemarket Thank you @kerbfood for the awesome pic!
24hr marinated lemon and oregano chicken on a bed of bulgur and herb tabbouleh, grated carrot and toasted sesame, pickled red cabbage, village salad, tzatziki, parsley, pomegranate and tahini! We're bringing the ☀️ shine to your lunchtime! Get yours this week; THURS: Merchant Sq, Paddington with @cravestreetfood FRI: @kingscrossn1c with @kerbfood SAT: @e17villagemarket Repost from @bsaulgarner - cheers dude!
This wee monster of a pita pocket is smothered in tzatziki, 10hr slow roast pulled lamb, charred halloumi, tahini, salads, parsley and pomegranate. Fancy a crack at it? FIND US: FRI: @KingsCrossn1c with @kerbfood SAT: @e17villagemarket Pic credit @tomdoesfood
I spent a day shadowing the Yoda of street food, Alex of @thebeefsteaks. He's my mentor as part of my inKERBator period with @kerbfood. As well as passing on his knowledge I also got to try his famous triple cooked chips and steak with chimmichuri. Life is good! 😎
As Fagin says, 'You've gotta pitta pocket or two'. And we also now do boxes. Find us this week. TUES: @197piccadilly with @shepherdsmkts THURS: @MerchantSquare Paddington with @cravestreetfood FRI: #KERBKX with @kerbfood SAT: @e17villagemarket
Really looking forward to joining @kerbfood this Friday at KERB Kings Cross! We'll be serving you hungry folk your lunches from 12 - 2pm. Then it's back to the Stow on Saturday for the lovely @e17villagemarket 10:30 - 15:30.
We're chuffed to bits to announce that we'll be joining the @kerbfood family at #KERBKX every Friday starting March 17th! We're standing shoulder to shoulder with some of London's finest foodie outlets and are proud as punch.
Menu at today's @e17villagemarket. We have 10hr slow roast pulled lamb, lemon and oregano marinated chicken and charred halloumi. Plus our fabulous new range of Cypriot salads, homemade hummus and tzatziki and tahini and everything is garnished with parsley and pomegranate seeds.
Where to get your fill of eastern Mediterranean meats, cheeses and super salads this week: Tuesday: #197piccadilly Thursday: #MerchantSq Paddington Friday: @paddingtoncentral Saturday: @e17villagemarket
Find us this week: Tuesday: 197Piccadilly with @shepherdsmkts - lunch Wednesday: @bermondseysq with @streetdots - lunch Thursday: #MerchantSq with @cravestreetfood - lunch Saturday: @e17villagemarket - 10:30 - 15:30
Mutton shoulder under a sea of spices, herbs, pickled red onions and toms. Going into a low oven for 10 hours before being pulled for this weeks markets. Find us this week update coming tomorrow.
Find us this week. TUES - with @ShepherdsMarkets​ - Lunch WEDS - @bermondseysq with @StreetDots - Lunch FRI - @PaddingtonCen​ - Lunch SAT - @e17villagemarket - 10:30 - 15:30
We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our menu will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes. - Cyprus Kitchen Find us at @paddingtoncen with @streetdots tomorrow for lunch and E17 Village Market on Saturday 1030 -15:30 . . . #eatfamous #greekfood #infatuation #slowroast #f52grams #buzzfeed #buzzfeast #londonfoodies #londonstreetfood #londoncheapeats #streetfood #foodmarkets #kleftiko #cypriotfood #tzatziki #foodporn #E17 #walthamstow #forkyeah #foodporn #foodbeast #eatmunchies #