Cyclepalooza Calgary

Cyclepalooza Calgary @cyclepalooza

July 14 -23 2017 β€’ Ten days of Bike Fun in Calgary, Alberta & five days of Winter Bike Fun too! #cyclepalooza #winterpalooza

Suit and Scotch Ride crew were rolling in style tonight!
Wet Wild Wrideee! What a blast!
SAVE THE BIKES RIDE. Bike Calgary and the City of Calgary Bicycle Program have created an education campaign to fight bike theft. Bike Calgary has developed graphic sticker depicting bike locking techniques and has received approval to decal city owned bike racks. Meet at 5:30 and leave at 5:50 to decal as many city racks as possible before going to the Wet and Wild Wride. Folks that don't want to get Wet and/or Wild can meet for beers at a TBD location after installing a large hand full of stickers. Lets Save the Bikes and decal the city racks! More information at #yyc #yycbike #Cyclepalooza @cityofcalgary @bikecalgary
🚲πŸ₯ƒSuit and scotch rideπŸ₯ƒπŸš² Wear a suit or whatever you wear to work and join a cycling crew on an adventure to have a drink after work. Meet at city hall at 5, ride at 5:30. More information at #Cyclepalooza #yyc #yycbike
Have you had the chance to enjoy a water fight yet this summer? Tonight these two goofs are hosting the WET WILD WRIDE! More information at @lizzoconn @michaudmade #yycbike #yyc #Cyclepalooza
Newbies bike polo tonight!!! More information at
Spoke and Word - poetry ride tonight! Check out for more information!
Beach blanket bingo was a hit tonight. Many amazing bingo prizes were won and no one fell off their bikes! 🍌 🌊 πŸ– #Cyclepalooza video stolen from Keek and Colin @keefox @cawlinyyc . #yycbike #bingo #bikefun #bikesareawesome
Yes! Folie Fondoβœ… . @Regrann from @brettbergie - I hosted a bike ride for #cyclepalooza, a 10-day citizen run cycling festival. Today's #foldiefondo was a great success, attracting vibrant people and a mix of folding bike models and more conventional bikes. Thanks, all, for joining and making the day so pleasurable. - #regrann . #yycbike #bikeyyc #bikelove #bicyclefun #calgaryisawesome #bikesareawesome
Canadian Swimminghole ride! Stop one! . #yycbike #cyclepalooza #cyclepalooza2017 #bikefun #bikesareawesome
T-minus one hour! . #yycbike #cyclepalooza . @Regrann from @ecohubyyc - So this is happening today! Join us for this fun, free @cyclepalooza event! Meet up at @ecohubyyc #yycbike #bike #swim - #regrann
Another great Sunday ride! Meeting at peace bridge at 2pm today and biking to the yarn store, will be a group of fine knitters. After they will be knitting at a cafe. Free if you bring your own yarn. More details at
en Blanc Γ  VΓ©lo (picnic in white) is at noon today! Meet at the Simmons building a ride to picnic at central memorial. It's a beautiful day for a picnic πŸ₯—πŸ₯‚. Photo borrowed from @smilingvolcano, a snap from last years event. More details at
Tag someone who likes to ride fast!! F/100 tonight!!!! Wondering what that means? Fixed gear bikes riding 100km around Calgary in the evening. This ride is fast paced and will leave you aching for more. Fixed gear bikes are mandatory. for more information
Yussss!! Cyclepalooza has commenced! Go to the calendar and plan to get your bike on! Link in bioβœŒοΈπŸš΅πŸš΄πŸš²πŸ’š . @Regrann from @calgarybicycleclub - Choose your own adventure ride turns to page 22: @bandedpeak_brewing for a few tasty lil' friends @cyclepalooza #bicyclepanic #cyclepalooza #yyc #bikeyyc #calgary #calgaryliving #stampede - #regrann #cyclepalooza #cyclepalooza2017 #bikesareawesome
Brewery Bike Tour: SE Calgary!!! Tomorrow (Saturday) noon to 5pm. Jump on your bike and join in for a day of brewery hopping between Village Brewery, Banded Peak Brewing, and Annex Ale Project. More details at
FOLDIE FONDO tomorrow morning at 8:30am. Ride is inclusive, so you don't need a foldie to go, just the love of riding bikes! More details at
Ride 🚨 alert! CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE RIDE - hosted by the Calgary bicycle club @calgarybicycleclub 2nite @ 6:50pm meet: πŸ”Š SOUTHSIDE πŸ€™πŸ» peace bridge, look for the other folks who wanna ride dirty
Feel like being social tonight? The host with the most and local cyclist, Ghaiss, has got you covered! Bike racks will be filling the roads cause a few hundred will show up for this yearly Mid Summer Social! More info on FB or the cyclepalooza calendar
Still thinking about hosting a ride or just want to chat about bikelife in general? Come for The Pub Lunch at the Ship and Anchor tomorrow (Friday) at 11:30am -1pm. Photo from last years Suburb ride by Calvin! Maybe he will host another this year!? @psysal