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"There are no limits in life, you just need to believe in yourself"💚🇪🇸&🇦🇺 📨 cristinaverdu4@gmail.com 🌴LOVE, PEACE & SKATE🌴 👇🏽🌴💦NOAH ISLAND💦🌴👇🏽

Turn your face towards the sun and the shadows fall behind you ☀️🐚 Gira to rostro hacia el sol y las sombras caerán detrás de ti... 🎥 @gkarlprod @noahisland 💚
That moment when the wind asks me to dance with it...🌪🦋 🎬 @gkarlprod
Flashback 📚✏️ Byron Bay || Photographer 🎞: @gkarlprod
Thank you @instagram for sharing my story 💚💙 I really appreciate it 😍 📸 @gkarlprod @noahisland #instagram
80's 👾💕 📹 by @gkarlprod
🌴"Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead" 😜 🎥 @gkarlprod #charlesbukowski #curlyhair #Australia
Back to the old school 🍧👾 Shot by @gkarlprod 🎥 . . #Australia #Oldschool #milkshake
New video!!! 💚💚 Here is our new video about our last trip to the northeast of Australia in an amazing van :D 🌴LINK IN MY BIO OR IN @noahisland BIO 🚐 // Nuevo vídeo!!! Aquí está nuestro nuevo vídeo sobre el viaje que hicimos por el noreste de Australia en una furgo! 🌴 Link en my Biografía de insta o en la de @noahisland 😍💚🚐 #Australia #NoahIsland #Aquíyahora #Trip
A dream is just a dream until you decide to make it real 💧🌴 #Australia 🎥 @tamytaam 💚 @noahisland
There are many amazing places in the world, but... This is not just awesome, this is magical. 🌪 @noahisland 🎥 @gkarlprod
Good morning 🖤🚐 @noahisland 🎥 @gkarlprod
#whitsundays is definitely the most beautiful place I've ever seen 😍🏝 📷 @noahisland @gkarlprod #Paradise #Australia #in #Love
Wonders of the world 🌴 Don't wake me up if I'm living a dream // 🎥 @gkarlprod @noahisland #Australia #waterfalls #Love
Back to the jungle life 🌴🦁 🎥 @noahisland @gkarlprod ( Sí, esta foto ya la había subido pero no sé porque se borró 😕 )
I'm ready to open my eyes and see what my soul hides 🍃🔥 Pic by @gkarlprod 📽 @clau_perez7
Life's never felt so good 🌅 @noahisland 🎥 @gkarlprod
LOVE exploring under the sea 🐠🌊
One of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen 💚 #Coolangatta #Australia 🇦🇺 📽 @gkarlprod