See you tomorrow Lowell, MA! ⚾️ info at vip m&g starts at 5:15, general admission at 6:30!
Reminder that I'll be at the Oakland Mall in Troy, MI tomorrow. m&g starts at 1. See you there, maybe Drawing by @desi_miao_artist 🦈
Taken after an unsolicited (but not unappreciated) hair re-styling from one of the locals on a much too tourist-y beach in the Dominican Republic. Apologizing in advance for the culture this is appropriating- just felt like this was too good of a miscommunication not to share.
photos from our first day building bottle houses in the DR. Met the family we're building the house for- the kids are lovely. So are the dogs.
summer reading. From an American who wishes he was a Brit-- have the best time at uni! I'll be here with my books waiting for you to come back. @joey_maya 😸😸
We closed a show you all (y'all) !!! ✌️out Blank Theatre. Thanks for being a wonderful second home for a minute. #dogseesgod
Thank you to our incredible audiences this weekend so far ❤️ I look pissed for some reason, but I promise I'm not! #dogseesgod Photo by Erin Flannery
beckoning summer w @alivialatimer
DOG SEES GOD, directed by @jonahplatt, is back (again, again) this July! Come see us at The Blank Theatre in Hollywood the 15th-23rd. Tickets and info []
me and my friend hank who lives in london #longdistancefornownotforever pc: @joannapoulton
happy birthday to a girl with sensitive blue eyes from a boy with equally sensitive blue eyes @joey_maya
I #ShowUp because I hope for a more equal world. Go to Pride.Google to find ways you can show up too. #pride2017
Hollywood FRINGE 2017 #dogseesgod
Reading your #KindComments 🐢 Repost from @instagram . "Actor Corey Fogelmanis ( @coreyfogelmanis) has been performing since he was 6 years old, but it was around age 10 that it all really clicked. “I knew then that I wanted acting to be more than just a hobby,” says the 17-year-old California native, who’s spent the past decade performing onstage and on TV. Each setting brings its own set of rewards and challenges, but after working on a sitcom for the last three years, Corey is excited to take his acting chops back to the theater. “I love the intimacy of it, and that the audience and cast alike can experience something together that’s unique to a moment in time,” he says. “When it’s over, it’s over; it can only live on in our memories.” As someone who’s spent much of his life in the spotlight, Corey is no stranger to the power of #KindComments. “To me, it’s about people going out of their way to spread positivity and build others up,” he says. Join in by sharing your #KindComments — empowering comments that uplift you and others in the community."
my last night in London with lovely Hazel & Becky. Coming off a tremendous high after the work we've been doing these past three weeks. It's been a dream. Get ready for this one!!!! #PrankMe
#prankme day11
from my first day in the city, a couple weeks ago #PrankMe
first look at the new series I'm shooting for @fullscreen dropped today. Directed by the wonderful @thehazelhayes [more info in bio, via deadline] #PrankMe
London has nice dogs and people