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// them: okay just act natural me:
run through the park
in a random park watching the sun go down over the uk.. i guess 25 is pretty alright 🤷🏼‍♂️🌤
easily one of my most memorable new york trips thus far. thanks for the fun and heres to the very near future! oh also, follow my brand @commonculture for a surprise tomorrow 💋💋
last day
the @calvinklein show at nyfw was nothing short of phenomenal.. well done, @rafsimons! also, ps, thank you @rochambeau for lending me this bomb coat from your spring 2018 collection!!! too stunning 🖤❤️💛
business woman means business !
take it easy today x
its so warm in los angeles im melting
found these plastic sunflowers in the back of some tiny craft shop in dt los angeles and boy oh boy do i feel stupid for being this giddy about them
all fun and games
‪vintage jacket & ysl sneakers‬
cant wait to get back to this