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How well rested lies the lucid dreamer? Freud posited that perhaps the dream was a filter for the desires of the Id, a cushion in service of restfulness, an attempt to keep reality from waking our dream-passive ego, to keep from fatiguing our waking lives. Like a movie goer, the dream suspends us from external awareness, placing us passenger to a stream of subconscious imagery and sensation. Our minds wildly stringing together suspended ideas, just palatable enough not to shock you awake but sensational enough to remember. And only in nightmares or the dreams that accident themselves into past or future tense does the dream ego wake. Yes, the dream guards the mind's compression of a day's information, softly unpacking for the dreamer information too conscious to otherwise sleep through. So how well rested lies the lucid dreamer? I realize That I invite myself to photography as an attempt to recreate a passive, dreamlike state of image interpretation. To subdue my consciousness for a moment's meditation with something as serene as streaming photos. That must be the new goal for my personal work I suppose. To let the world all melt away, and find myself in sans soleil.
Ol King Cole went and did a photo shoot with @miriam_marlene for @indiemagazine . Feature by @elizabeth__coop , out now~ go and peep
Oh the pomposity. Casting call from @stevenkleinstudio for @vman Styling: @mjellenberger
How many times does it need to be said??? If an animal starts speaking to you in strange riddles during the eclipse, listen to it.
Perks for the diurnal
Got an exciting new project with @thebodyshop we wrapped up yesterday. Keep an πŸ‘ out over the next couple months for the shots. Model: @molly_chiang
Thanks for all the birthday wishes gang 🍻I'll make sure not to work too hard. In good news, caught up with @zoeydeutch over this last weekend up in Vancouver. I'll post up some of the shots this week. πŸŒΎπŸ’ƒπŸ»
Just tryin to be Lana
Out here geocaching my desperation for relevance. Come hang. @justinrcampbell @flauntmagazine @mrmontyjackson @dereksyuen
Belinda dressed to the 9️⃣s for @wmag . Go and check some of the other shots on the story, link in bio. I'll be posting more throughout the week. Keep an πŸ‘out. Styling: @ryann_foulke MUA: @lauradomini2 Hair: @earlsimms2
New shoot with @sophiet for @wmag is out today. Go and give it a look see~ Hair: @earlsimms2 MUA: @lauradomini2 Styling: @ryann_foulke And @bielparklee
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