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the best is yet to come . @alendeclaudia
Oh hello week! @fittea 🍃 . #fittea #sp
Morning sunshine ☀️ . . @alendeclaudia
hahahahhahah só que não . (Translating here: today I'm gonna start a diet! Hahahhaha)
take time to make your soul happy 😊 tire um tempo pra fazer sua alma feliz @alendeclaudia
my favorite @avablackmask 🍃 the best deep cleansing mask ✨ @avablackmask 😍
Lady in red 🌹 Dama de vermelho
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morning. How're u guys today? (I'm pretty sure that was supposed to be a 🌮 lol) u can't live a full life on an empty stomach right? @alendeclaudia
if u listen closely u can hear me not caring @alendeclaudia
#throwbackmonday bc I want so. How re you guys doing today? I wish I looked as good as in this pic right now but I'm in bed having the worst headache of my life 😢 @alendeclaudia
Finishing this weekend the right way with @fittea 💚 . #fittea #fitteacollab
❤👯 @juliaalende
You never fail until you stop trying @alendeclaudia
Hey, you. Don't give up, okay?
Starting my week with @fitteawraps 💚 keeping bloating away 🙌🏻 #fitteacollab #fittea
Missing purple hair 🦄 #throwback
love ❤️
It's the maybes that will kill you @alendeclaudia