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wild, barefoot and free @moreclaudiaalende
She was brave and strong and broken all at once @moreclaudiaalende
@fittea a hug in a cup ☕️ . #sp #fittea
goodnight 💤 @moreclaudiaalende
Wait.. what? @moreclaudiaalende
💁🏻If at first you don't succeed Fix your ponytail and try again @moreclaudiaalende
Tuesday's and @fitteawraps 💕 #sp
Cute but crazy 😜 @moreclaudiaalende
Parapapara papa rapa 💃🏻🎶 *when you forget the lyrics* @moreclaudiaalende
@fitteawraps time! Okaaay let's engage here ppl! Today I ate a lot of sushi 🍣 put my fit tea wraps on to keep the guilty away hahah I'm actually planning to run 🏃🏻 now! We need to exercise more right keep healthy ;) haha and u guys what're you doing? #sp #fittea
goodnight 🌙
Last one ☝️ what're you guys doing today? Here in Miami doesn't stop raining ☔️ I want to sleep all day haha
why be moody when you can shake yo booty
oh baby baby it's a wild world
🌊 the ocean is calling @moreclaudiaalende
Buenas 🌞 @moreclaudiaalende
summer ☀️