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Happy birthday to me! 🎂 24 years ago October 9th I was born in Francisco Beltrao - Pr - Brazil 🇧🇷 a small town, population of 90k. When I was a child I wished to be a singer I become a teenager and I had no idea what I wanted anymore my father wanted me to be a doctor to take over the family business (I always had good grades in school too 😎 js ) and at that point i was lost as most teenagers having to decide what to be or not to be at such a young age(I literally became a rebel in my last year in school. 😂 ) When I turned 18 I opened a clothing store in my hometown but I knew something was missing I wasn’t complete so I decided to move to São Paulo to chase what was missing in my life I wanted MORE I couldn’t spend my whole life doing the same things with same people same place everyday. I wanted MORE. So I got into a beauty contest in São Paulo against my family’s wishes and started going to Tv shows and being featured by the big media, as I gained more and more exposure my social media turned thousands to millions. You guys ❤️ São Paulo was a decisive part to my future I had bad days there I started having this anxiety attacks but in the end turned that I became stronger and more focused. I moved to USA 🇺🇸 beginning of this year to do MORE. I have three companies now and I work hard everyday to make my dreams come true. In the next days I will be releasing my first song and music video. Work hard and make it happen.
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the best is yet to come
Be grateful.
New song coming soon #ImGoodAtBeingBad #musicvideo
U guys like headbands? 5 days without posting here forgot I have social medias but that's a good thing I guess @moreclaudiaalende
New @beraofficial song is 🔥🔥🔥 #ParlezVousFrancais
Caption this
I miss the old days
Going back home 🏡 slowly everything will be back to normal. #hurricaneirma
Me early this week at Miami Beach having no idea what was going after us. #HurricaneIrma was on the news but at that time wasn't a big deal. I'm glad I left on time! Now I'm safe and sound! Prayers to everyone that is in the path of #hurricaneirma 🙏🏻 For my friends that stayed see you next week!!!
Leaving my house heading north. Florida is not safe right now. To stay was so scary I couldn't handle the waiting. Prayers to everyone in the path of #HurricaneIrma We will get through this. Please stay safe. 🙏🏻