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Let's get this weekend started right #journey #nkotb #weekend #movies #wegotthis #love #fridaynight #friday
Your integrity is the power that records, rewards and restores your position in the universe of life. The thoughts you think, the words you speak, and the actions you take.....Is your integrity.
Life is very short and there's no time for fussing. Attack this Wednesday with everything you got.
One more thing about Youv2.... towards the end he lets you FREESTYLE 😆 If you know me😜 you know what dance I do😝 Tell me below 👇🏼🤣 I wanna hear this 💕
❤️ I mean come on... I need to make sure🤣
It's play time💕
Well hello Friday!!! It's so nice to see you. May you have enough happiness and hope to keep you sweet and joyful today. Let's do this!
Beautiful night for a walk 💕 Therapy time💕
Seriously..... serious moment right!!! You want a mood booster?!?!? Start your morning off dancing 😁 Our group is doing Country Heat.. Counrty Swing this morning.... my mood went from 4.. to 10+ in just 30 minutes 😜 I'm ready for you Wednesday 💪🏼
💙My babies 💙
Never miss a Monday💪🏼 Kick off the week doing things right. Making yourself a priority 💪🏼 Happy Monday 🌸
Spending the day with my mama🌞 and my special men in my life💕
Today's devotion must be shared!!! Always believe in yourself and in the process of life. Stand up and be yourself! AND NEVER apologizes for who you are. Live out loud baby.... LIVE out loud.
Yes I did... on a Wednesday😜 Balance people... it's all about balance 😍
When you think of re- meaning …to do it again, what do you think? Do you think of it as a blessing or a setback? Like…re-group after a setback, or re-structure your life should it fall apart. Or my favorite….. re-think the situation once it is done. So many times, I shake my head and think …oh boy thank goodness I have a chance to grow from what just happened. Never think of re-doing something as a setback. It’s all about growing. Re-fine your thinking 😊 Re-flect on who you really are😊 Most importantly ….. Re-fuse to accept less for yourself and only the best.
Did you know there is a reason why restaurants serve their delicious food on colored plates? Of course, they want their food to look amazing, but when food looks amazing..... you want to eat more. Apparently when there is less of a contrast, you tend to eat more. So.... guess what people...... Devin's telling you to grab those white plates🤣