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💜Mama of 2 boys~ Always have JOY in your life ~Live with PASSION 💖Coaching to inspire others to live with purpose

Make sure to sit back and enjoy the view once in awhile 💕
We all have those stories in life that we just ask why? Or some of you call them experiences. Do you have the story that seems to never be over? Keeps dragging on or feels like you just failed at it? Do you have the story that completely disappointed you and you never want to repeat it? I suggest you put at period at the end of that sentence and end it. That simple! Put closure on it. Learn from the experience. Capture all the feelings that experience had to offer. BUT…Make sure to add a period so you can start a new story. If you find it hard to add that period, remember we write forward, never backwards. Just like we should in life. YOU are in control of your story…..make it beautiful and full of joy and passion!
So true!!! Be grateful and the rest just follows. AND I mean truly be grateful!!! Starting from the moment you wake up. You have been blessed to see another day. Another day to kiss your babies and husband/wife. Another day to share your gift with the world. Another day to appreciate the smallest things that bring you joy and you are so grateful for. I mean it ... your toothpaste... your coffee creamer.... the fact that you get to go to work.... Be grateful for everything you touch today and most importantly.... that you are blessed with ANOTHER DAY Go feel amazing today💕
Homemade Chicken soup 😍 Make it easy and simple. Veggies came already cut (minus the celery) Mojo roasted chicken from Publix Jumbo can of organic chicken broth 💥Slow cook while I go for a run and dinner is ready for tomorrow That's how I roll 💃🏻
Energy balls for the week💕 ❤️Packed full of exotic superfoods and powerful phytonutrients ❤️Helps support regularity and healthy digestion ❤️Also helps me with my weight loss goals😍😍
Where does your path take you...
Believe ...really BELIEVE 💕
Total flashback...The good old days #8thgrade #littleme #valleyfair #8thgradefieldtrip
Just a little morning target practice🎯
This cute little man is turning the double digits today!! My baby is turning 10 😩Seriously where does the time go. Every day it's an adventure with this handsome boy. I can't wait to celebrate his beautiful birthday today😝
Fun in the sun🌞 Hope everyone is enjoying their 4th🇺🇸
Fun in the sun🌞
Has anyone ever tried carrot fries??? If you haven't you SHOULD.... Amazballs!!! Olive oil Salt Pepper Garlic powder Chopped Parsley Bake at 400 for 20 minutes or longer depending on crispy you want them.
My little chef made dinner tonight 🍕
😳oh my Devin
Flea Market Treasures 😆
Oh yeah... Banana bread and apple dumplings😍
Friday night cuddles 💕