adventures in the great wide somewhere. 📷 @smilebooth + @ourlaboroflove⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ fresh coast ✌️west coast

good morning and (delayed response) go dodgers! 👏⚾️ #worldseries
pups just wanna have sun.☀️ #usplusgusgus
market haul. 🌱
dark corners in dusty bookshops with warm light spilling in. good morning. 💛
some days i am the flower, some days i am the rain. - pavana
what? you don’t take band pics while you’re getting ready? NAME OUR BAND in the comments. winner gets a prize. readyyyyyyy...set...go! #tbt
9 years and you’re still the only initial i want carved next to mine.💚
rise & shine. 🐾 #usplusgusgus
i secretly hope the cereal milk trend never dies. frosted flakes & cap’n crunch lattes. ☝️ the adult me & kid me are so very happy. #happynationalcoffeeday
you are entirely up to you. 💙
i’m in love with the shape of you. 😏🎃💚
it’s the most wonderfullllll timeeee of the year. happy autumn equinox! 🍂🍎🎃 #fbf
do it. i dare you!
reach for las flores. 🌺
sips by the sea. 🍹
pretty pretty pom poms. 💖
sweet dreams. ✨
i love tree houses. we have one up north at the cabin and dave and i once stayed in one when we were traveling through the pacific northwest. treeSHOPS though?! tulum, you're too much. 😍🌴🛍
that's what i'm 🌮 'bout.
whenever i travel, i love finding a "home base". for this trip, it was breakfast at ki'bok. we went there almost every day. there is something so comforting about the familiar when you're in an unfamiliar place. oh, and the really good coffee and molletes certainly helped. ☕️