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after a week like this one, i keep thinking how important it is to let no kind thing go unsaid. it's so easy to not say it, to let it just sit in our heads, but chances are you might make someone's day a little brighter. for example, these flowers. i immediately thought how pretty they were but didn't say anything to the farmer and i wish i would have. let's say nice things about each other, ok? bring a little more light into these dark days.
emojis in the wild (or at least on the wall). 🍉🌿🍩
matchy matchy at the market. 👟🌿
i honestly think @traderjoes can read my mind. ☕️ (please make some 🍩 to go with this next)
boys of summer.
let's play croquet.
sup with my pup. 🐾
bonfires. fireflies. homemade ice cream. coffee on the deck. sleeping with the windows open. walks in the woods. sandcastle contests. picking berries. dips in the lake. treehouse adventures. bouquets of wildflowers. sunset boat rides. summertime in northern michigan. ❤️
i think it's time for s'mores and ghost stories...👻
share your magic.✨
wildflowers from our morning walk.
island mornings.
sand (little) mans.
summer shadows.
let's go fly a kite, up to the highest height!
sweet summertime.
my favorite thing at the fair is the food. 🎪
easy, breezy, beautiful.....peonies. 🌸
when you try and take a nice family photo and this is all you get. 🤓😎😛
summering. ☀️