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Elijah got his first haircut today! Rockstar! #babysfirsthaircut #elijahdavidbeery
"I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure." - Eric Liddell This is a quote from my favorite movie, "Chariots of Fire" and I feel it accurately expresses how I feel as a competitive CrossFit athlete! I understand that no matter how far I go or accomplish in the sport of CrossFit, it fails to compare to the reward I have in Jesus Christ! Yet, when I compete in CrossFit, I feel His pleasure! I am truly blessed to have had an opportunity to compete in the Granite Games over the weekend! It was the most intense CrossFit competition I have ever been a part of and pushed me harder physically than I've ever been pushed before! Thank you Lord for giving me this opportunity to compete and for answering so many prayers to make competing in the Granite Games a reality! Thank you @beeryshananigans for the MANY sacrifices you made that made it possible for me to train and compete! You're the most amazing, loving, supportive wife, and I praise God for you! Thank you Judah, Arabella, and Elijah for being my biggest fans, daddy loves you! Thank You friends and family for keeping me in your prayers and for encouraging me every step of the way! Thank you @neweracf and the New Era Community for allowing me to coach, train, suffer, and celebrate with you daily! Thank you @hunets and @sidebernstein of @juicecompound for all the programming, coaching, and support that elevated me to be the best I could be for this competition! Thank you @elott11, Jeff Coleman, and Adam Wells for making this trip possible and for cheering me on at every event! Is was a blessing to do life with you guys all weekend long! Thank you to my fellow 35-39 competitors, I couldn't have asked for a better group of athletes to compete against! You guys are truly world class athletes and it was an honor to battle it out in competition with you! Thank you @johnswanson27 for putting on the Granite Games competition and for your staff, judges, and volunteers that worked tirelessly to make the event possible! #granitegames #earnednotgiven #crossfit #stcloud #minnesota #chariotsoffire #thirdplace #podium #mastersathlete
My oldest son Judah turned 4 today! I praise God for this kid! I'm so blessed to be his father and to watch him grow! Thankful for the joy and energy this kid brings to our family and had a blast celebrating him on his birthday! #judahjamesbeery #4yearsold
Friday morning schedule at Millerton Lake: 6-7am, 1 mile swim with @tullisjeremy and the Catfish Crawlers. 7-11am, wake surfing with the boys on the Super Air Nautique!
My first CrossFit competition with a swim workout! Excited for the opportunity to compete at the Granite Games in Minnesota this September! #granitegames #roadtominnesota #earnednotgiven
First date night without any kids, since Elijah being born!!! Praise The LORD!!! So good to get some time with my Bride tonight!!!
Staying cool in the pool with the family yesterday!!!
This high flying happy boy is 5 months old today! He can't talk yet but he communicates all I need to know! #fivemonthsold #happyboy #fullofjoy #elijahdavidbeery
Wow! Over a month ago @amech22, @_spkryptonian_, and myself set out with the goal of standing on top of this TeamFit podium! With the support of our friends, family, coaches, gyms, and community (OUR TEAM) we were able to make this goal a reality! This win was a true testament of our Team Triplos verse (Ecclesiastes 4:12) in that we are a lot stronger working together than we are alone! I am overwhelmed by all the support we received since setting out to accomplish this goal and I look forward to taking on the next challenge, wherever The Lord leads me! #teamtriplos #triplos #podium #teameffort #ecclesiastes4 #community #crossfit #teamfit
Had such a great time at the zoo tonight! Live music, great food, lots of animals, and family & friends to enjoy it with!
This boy just loves smiling and I just love staring at him!!! #happyboy #bigsmile #elijahdavidbeery #myblueeyedboy #thankfulforthelittlethings #blessingfromgod
Psalm 63:3: "Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you." The word for praise in this passage is the word shâbach. Shâbach, shaw-bakh'; a primitive root; properly, to address in a loud tone, i.e. (specifically) loud; figuratively, to pacify (as if by words):—commend, glory, keep in, praise, still, triumph. The excitement I get from this 305lb clean PR is exactly how God calls me to worship Him with my life, EVERYDAY! It's exciting to set personal records in fitness, but nothing compares to the joy of knowing Jesus! NOTHING!!!!! #shabach #praise #praisegodwitheverything #cleanpr #squatclean #crossfit #teamtriplos #triplos #neweracrossfit #roguefitness @kalebnative @richiepeckfelder
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Mother's Day project gone wrong! #judahjamesbeery #arabellarosebeery #mothersday2017
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Just cooling off! Did my first Cryotherapy session @valleycryosport yesterday after my second workout session! Feeling great! #cryotherapy #recovery #crossfit #valleycryosport
Got to experience the World Ag Expo in Tulare for the very first time! What a HUGE experience!!! #worldagexpo #worldagexpo2017 #tractor #johndeere #tulare #judahjamesbeery #arabellarosebeery #biggreentractor