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What if you were to accept that your body/job/home was perfect just as it is? Would it start to FEEL better? I used to think that once I was 'perfect' THEN I'd be happy - but happiness comes from accepting things as they are.... THOUGHTS?
If you're anything like me (and 90% of women) you've suffered some kind of body anxiety. I've got a new blog post up on the site that addresses this issue- link is on my bio 😘
This is our natural state ❀️ Thanks for making this pic of this quote from my book #theanxietysolution @breathe_andwrite πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ˜˜
Loved chatting to this beauty @caggiesworld for her podcast #girlsguidetothegalaxy - we talk anxiety about being single, fearing failure and learning to listen to your intuition instead of your fear. Search for 'girls guide to the galaxy' in podcasts to listen 😘
Who's email inbox gives them anxiety? πŸ™‹πŸΌ does anyone have any tactics or tricks for staying chill while keeping on top of alllllll the emails?
You are so, so much more and anxiety is a temporary state - you won't feel this way forever 😘 pic by @stephkazolides
Back on the journaling after a week or so - man it feels good to write shit down! So much more clarity and direction. Write a stream of consciousness, a worry list, put your feelings into works. This stuff works! Do you journal? How often?
Crap Monday? Get yourself a relaxing brain holiday with my free MP3 - link in my bio 😘😘
Loved seeing the latest review of my book #theanxietysolution - click the link in my bio to grab your copy 😘😘
So chuffed with the tote bag I screen printed at @wildernesshq. New career? haha!! Nope I'll leave that to my talented sister @oliviab_design. Ancient Indian spiritual cultures believed the number 108 is special number and I think it's lucky for me 😊 How are you feeling this Monday morning?
You do not need to beat yourself up to motivate yourself. Does that even work anyway? Nothing makes me want to sit on the sofa and eat ice cream more than if I'm giving myself a mental beating. It is possible to motivate yourself with kindness. Who responds well to bullying anyway?! Not me. 😘
Yes, you are. photo posted by @theldnlifecoach
Repost from @harri_rose_ using @RepostRegramApp - Sadly there is no magic potion for self love. Learning to love yourself is a DAILY challenge. β€’ β€’ πŸ’– It means committing every day to catching negative thoughts and slowly, slowly replacing them with kindness. πŸ’– It means deleting anyone or anything that gives you bad vibes and replacing them with people who give you nothing but good feelings. πŸ’– And it means believing that loving yourself IS possible even if it feels very far away. β€’ β€’ Sometimes self-love feels like a medicinal tonic... at first it doesn't go down easy. It can feel fake when words feel hollow and un-true. But I promise, keep taking your medicine and it begins to work. You can look in the mirror and like what you see. You can feel compassion and kindness towards yourself. And you can tell that inner bitch to leave the room and mean it. β€’ β€’ What are you doing daily as a self love potion? Regram via the bae @fiercelyoptimistic
Thanks for this one @gabbybernstein - how about we all start measuring our success on the stuff that actually FEELS good - fun, happiness, peace of mind? How would your life be different if you made this your priority?
Never seen anything like it! #barcelona
Barcelona you absolute beaut! Thank you to everyone who sent me their tips - so so helpful! Hope you're having a good Sunday loves 😘😘
It's nearly the freaking weekend - what are you doing to decompress? This week has been busier than usual for me...2 workshops, 2 podcast recordings, 8 clients, 3 gym sessions, 50 million emails etc etc! So ready to head to Barcelona with my ❀️ for a few days. Happy weekend 😘😘😘
Loving this facial oil by @kissthemoonxx . Not only is the aromatherapy incredibly calming - but giving yourself a facial massage actually causes you to office serotonin AKA the happy and calm hormone. Give yourself a facial massage tonight!
If the #TheHamYardHotel could just decorate my flat that would be great, thanks 🀣 Loved my group hypnotherapy session last night at their beautiful hotel for their #livewellseries πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜Š @firmdale_hotels Plus lovely facial oils and hand cream from @kissthemoonxx πŸ’•πŸ™πŸΌ
Hoping that your Sunday is a funday my loves. I'm heading to a BBQ - praying to the sun gods to keep the rain away! Thanks @katiebyrne90 for this gorgeous photo of my book #theanxietysolution . What is everyone up to today?