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History PhD by day. Also, baker by day. Student of Russian, yoga lover, kitten owner.

28lb haul today #apples #fall (?) #upstate
It's been 80 all week but it sure looks like #fall in #upstate #ny @applehills
We got a new #rug 😂thanks @target and #Yuri for styling it so well. // мы купили новый #коврик в Target
I bought an #orchid today that matched my outfit (случайно) and I guess it transformed me into a super villain (which is not out of character.) #skirt #tuesday
First #apple haul ❤️🍎💚🍏 @applehills I LOVE #FALL . Bingo is the best place to live between August and November :)
Planning our trip for our second #anniversary and remembering our first trip post-wedding in the #adirondacks . #fall is the superior season to get married IMHO. Cheers to almost two years of #marriage and now being way better at it ❤️
Perfect morning for the nature preserve. #binghamton
Missing monasteries and the белокаменный стиль #монастир #суздаль #adventures in #russia
We're back to cooking :) #carrot and #butternutsquash #soup with #ginger and it is delightful. #cookingwithalejandro adapted from a @foodnetwork recipe ! Saying goodbye to #summer and hello #fall
Finally made it out to #letchworthstatepark :))) #iloveny
#LUMA makes my heart just swell with pride for our little city of #binghamton . I love that we got to show off all of our most beautiful buildings and raise lots of money for local businesses ❤️
Already feels like a dream and I've been home for 11 days :/ #собор #владимир
Missing everyday adventures in Russia. Been back one week now I have no excuse not to get to work 😶😶
Hiked up at #taughannockfalls today in #ithaca . ❤️ making up for the summer Upstate days that I missed. #iloveny
I did miss evening walks with Alejandro where I ramble on about all the linguistics that I learned thanks to my podcasts.. #binghamton #iloveny #park #sunset
Скучаю по этим друзьям сегодня. Желаю вам всего хорошего ❤️ #друзья #русскийязык
Went somewhere beautiful today to help me feel less homesick for Russia. A perfect #upstate #newyork day on a farm filled with #sunflowers
Видимся скоро, Владимир. #заход #пока #досвидания #россия
This is me at the threshold of my institute where I've studied for the last 8 weeks (KORA). I was attracted to Russian back in undergrad, for reasons I don't remember, but being from a small school I didn't have a chance to study it. I started learning this language to be a better historian; I continue my study in order to be a better person. I cannot describe the euphoria I feel after a successful conversation, the pride and confidence I have in myself the moments that I realize - I can actually do this! It's always been my dream to be fluent in another language and I am so thankful to have been given this opportunity so late into my academic career. I am so fully in love with the Russian people and my life has been so transformed here. I don't want to leave; I want to hold onto these feelings forever. No one ever taught me how to say a proper goodbye in Russian... До новых встреч, Россия, я буду скучать по тебе каждый день. #россия #lanuage @clscholarship #goodbye
While we're debating statues .. thinking a lot about the parallels between here and the US. Do you need statues to remember history? No. We have books now. Do statues represent the values of the society that erected them? You betcha. Does the destruction of a statue change history? No. But it alters our contemporary, shared space; we can choose who we want to revere just the same as those who erected the statues 50, 100, 150 years ago. History isn't static - dates and events don't change but our relationship to them changes with every passing day. Almost nothing is immutable.