Cesc Fàbregas

Cesc Fàbregas @cescf4bregas

Proud dad of 3 beautiful children. 30 years old. Centre Midfielder for Chelsea FC.

How much i love you and miss you @daniellasemaan 😍😘❤️
First session in China ✅ More this afternoon 💪🏻 #CFCTour
China ✈️🇨🇳
Wimbledon #Tennis #Finals 🔝
Good hat trick yesterday @willianborges88 😉😛🤙🏻 #unlike
Great feeling on the first game of pre-season. Let's keep it up! ⚽️
Joga bonito 😉⚽️
Are they really quicker than me? The day I beat @_pedro17_ and @willianborges88 at the speed game! 💪🏻
🏃🏻💨🏃🏻💨 + ⚽️⚽️ = 👍🏻💪🏻
7 años han pasado ya desde la mejor noche de nuestras carreras! #CampeonesDelMundo 🏆🔝🔥
When you try to take a picture with 5 kids... 😅 #Caprisbirthday #2 ❤️
Happy happy birthday to my little angel Capri, the light of the house. I love you so so much my cheeky girl. #2 🎉🎂
New boots to start this new season tomorrow!! What do you guys think? 🔥 #evoPOWER @pumafootball
Chillin' 😎🌞❤️
My date for life ❤️
Enhorabuena @antoroccuzzo88 y @leomessi por este gran acontecimiento. Os mereceis todo lo mejor. Muchas gracias por todo!! 😘🔝🎉
9 añazos ya! #CambiamosLaHistoria 🏆
Good try @marcosalonso28 but maybe next time... 😂🏆🎉