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JESUS, the lover of my SOUL.

New VLOG! My most favorite yet coz it's with Chamby!! Watch full vid-- link in my bio! @severianoelliott
I am grateful that my business partner is not just my sister but also my best friend. We hit another milestone together. Moments like this should be with #OPPOF3 ❤️
The cover that didn't make it 3 years ago... YES!! #DearAlex readers, exactly three years ago today we launched my book!!! Hapoy Anniversary to us! Thank you for still making me your GO-TO book kapag sawi kayo. I'll always be here for your heartbreaks and i'll be announcing something exciting SOON❤️❤️❤️ #DearAlexBook
The plan is not leche, it's to go back to Siargao and bring my #OPPOF3.
‘Pag may cutie sa MRT, pasimpleng damoves lang dapat! Ikaw, ano’ng true-to-life commuting moment mo? Share your tips for #TrueToLifeMoments! @fruitteasosroph
You are my "new" fave mikka!!! Thank you for today and also to my glamteam (Check the tags). I can see your voice this weekend na ❤️
The most instagrammed wall of our Happy Cup!! Thank you to everyone who always visits us ❤️❤️❤️ #SongOfGonzaga #ChiarraGonzaga #CathyPepperGirl
My 5 mintue date night make up is up on my Vlog!! Watch the full vid just click the link on my bio!!! ❤️
When your sister doesn't participate you just whisper #bastard.
Kamusta naman ang 2017 niyo so far? Malapit na matapos ang taon, kaya better make the most out of it! Pasarapin ang mga #TrueToLifeMoments with Sosro Fruit Tea! 💛 @fruitteasosroph
It's Gold when i'm inside my pamangkin's room and taking a lot of pics using #OPPOF3 ❤️
The best actor in a laughing and crying scene is chamby!!! @severianoelliott
My new fave is Dark Chocolate milktea with extra cookie crumbs! So gooood!!! #HappinessinaCup #HappycupPh ❤️❤️❤️
SOSRO is now available in all 7-11 nationwide!!! YUHOO! Try it and tag us ❤️ #TrueToLifeMoments @fruitteasosroph
Cooking time with Mommy Pinty and the whole family!! Watch the full vid on my youtube channel or click the link on my bio!!! Enjoy! @mommypinty
The way she said "ate cathy" is sooooooooo cute!!!!! I cant wait for chamby to say "tinang" too!! Love you scarly!!! You're the most beautiful 😘😘😘😘 @scarletsnowbelo
The most adorable babies in the world for me! Thank you dra vicky and hayden for the lunch and playtime ❤️ swipe for more! @scarletsnowbelo @severianoelliott
Everything is red!! I love the new #OPPOF3Red. So stylish ❤️
Into you. Don't hate my head it's blocking the way. #dwtourmanila @arianagrande i love you!!! You are the cutest sick singer😍
I don't care. I don't care if i'm flooding! #dwtourmanila love yah!