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I left my phone back in the hotel room accidentally, but these are Paul's cell phone pictures (his cell has a slightly less nice camera than mine) I was really proud of both kids, they decided they wanted to stay together as a family, so we all kept up with each other (Isaac is more than capable of blowing past us, so's Paul, but he also stayed with the group.) Using the athletic fabrics meant we made it through the whole 10K without sweating very much (which I appreciated, since some people we're definitely melting in their costumes) It was so fun to get to run through the empty park and back lots, and was well worth the trip! Now we're going to spend the rest of the day in Disneyland Paris, before flying home very early tomorrow! #marypoppins #jollyholiday #starlord #elsa #letitgo #reluctantrunner #disneylandparis #rundisney #rundisneylandparis #starlordcosplay #starlordcostume #sew #sewn #sewing #sewcrafty #sewcialist #maker #makersgonnamake
Our names on the 25th anniversary, run Disneyland Paris wall (it's only the second Paris run Disney, it's the 25th anniversary of Disneyland Paris.) #rundisney #rundisneylandparis #reluctantrunner #10k
#sewphotohop day 20 is special occasion. I have made a lot of formalwear in my day, because we have military balls and events atleast a couple of times a year. I really like sparkles and detail oriented stuff, so I usually add some beading or other extra details to bring the bling. Emmie also has started needing formal wear for school dances (Isaac too, tbh as I've made him some pants, vests, and bow ties that I didn't bother to look up pictures of.) also, the black dress cost me $8 because I got the fabric as a 4 yard remnant for $4 and I lined it in $4 of black jersey. #formalwear #sew #sewn #sewcrafty #sewcrafty #sewcialist #maker #makersgonnamake
#sewphotohop 19 is "signature style" which I thought was a little hard for me to define in just one or two pieces, but then I thought of a jacket I made a few years ago. This jacket is pretty much everything I love, I hand dyed the wool yarn to make the ikat warp, it has various shades of indigo blue, I hand wove the fabric, and it has a simplicity of line that really speaks to me. The lining is from turkey, and was a silk ikat (that also represents my love of fabric tourism and natural fibers) After I made this jacket it won a handwoven magazine competition, and it spent 6 months traveling to be photographed and was in a fashion show in Sweden, so it was kind of a big deal for me at the time I made it! (I also wrote an article for it in handwoven magazine.) #sew #sewn #sewing #sewcrafty #sewcialist #handmade #handsewn #handwoven #ikat #handdyed #signaturestyle #maker #makersgonnamake
I never managed to fall asleep last night, (so I'm running on fumes,) but I'm at my gate for my early morning solo flight to Paris. I finished Isaac's Star Lord costume last night at around 10:30 (I only had his belt left to finish) but He still reminds me so much of when he was a little boy, because I had his jacket finished for him when he came home from school, so he put on his shirt, pants, and jacket, and wore them for the rest of the evening. πŸ˜‚ There's even a possibility he wore them to school today, as he was saying he wanted to, but I didn't see him before leaving the house to go to the airport. Paul was watching a movie in my studio while I finished sewing, so after I got done I was able to weave a full repeat on the plaid design I'm working on, so it was nice to not feel like I was supposed to be making something else for a change, while I wove! #sew #sewn #sewing #sewcrafty #sewcialist #maker #makersgonnamake #leavingonajetplane #parisorbust #rundisney #rundisneylandparis #costume #starlord #starlordcostume #starlordcosplay #weaving #weaversofinstagram #weaver #fiberart #fiberartist #insomnia #insomniasucks
I'm so close to finished with Isaac's Star Lord race jacket, but I just had to stop for the night and go to bed. I need to add zipped pockets, the collar, and the front zip, and then it's ready for race day. It took me a lot longer than I was hoping, because I decided to add a bunch of moto features, and I probably should have just gone with simple. πŸ˜‚ #starlord #starlordcostume #starlordcosplay #guardiansofthegalaxy #sew #sewn #sewing #sewcrafty #sewcialist #maker #makersgonnamake #motercyclejacket #rundisney #rundisneylandparis #rundisneycostume
Look at the lovely message and picture Isaac's math teacher just sent me, it totally made my day! Isaac has always been a bit of a challenge in school because he is so brilliant, so teacher's either love him, or they hate him (we've tried to get him to stop correcting teacher mistakes, but sometimes he can't help himself and it doesn't win him any friends. πŸ™„) but to hear that his math teacher already "gets" him is awesome! #parentingteens #senioryear #highschool #newschool
So I think the banana bread survived me, the base was probably not whisked quite enough because it's a little more blonde, and dense and crunchy, but it's actually quite nice so that's okay. (And honestly that could be the oven too, I have no idea.) #badbaker #bananabread #sleepdeprived
Awe man, let this be a lesson to me, for thinking so highly of myself. I didn't go to sleep last night until after 4:00 a.m. (Sorry @griffith_paul I might have done some @colourmartyarns middle of the night insomnia shopping) because I've been having really bad anxiety again recently, so I was pretty impressed with myself this morning for getting right up, and deciding to put some bananas out of their misery. I was patting myself on the back for cleaning up my vitamix blender right away, and putting the batter in the oven, (I know this doesn't sound like much, but everything here is a little bit of a challenge, I have to use a transformer and extension cord from the gym to use the blender, I don't actually know how to work the oven, and have to look up the temperature conversions because it's not in Fahrenheit, and is convection, but we can't get it to work really and don't have a manual, etc.) and putting the eggs away...... except the eggs were still sealed in plastic, which means they weren't in the banana bread. 😩 I quickly pulled it out of the oven 7 minutes into it having been put in, cracked and whisked the eggs in a bowl, and then whisked them into the silicone pan. πŸ™ˆ I had added chocolate chips, and because it was warm enough, the whisking mixed the melted chocolate into the batter too, so it's now chocolate batter instead of regular banana bread with chocolate chips. I Hail Mary style threw more chips on top, and put it back in the oven, but I don't have very high hopes for the *wonderful* snack I had planned for Paul and the kids for after school. πŸ™„ now I'm trying to decide if I dare work out, or if I'll probably break a toe (knock on wood) since I'm apparently out of things. #notmymorning #insomnia1me0 #bananabreadfail #timetogobacktobed
#sewphotohop 18 is separates or one piece, which from me gets the answer of "both" because I'm very project driven, and am a believer in sewing what's best for the project, rather than having one favorite way over another, but today my answer would be separates I guess, since that's what I was working on. I finished the screen printing on Isaac's star lord shirt (you can swipe to see the movie inspiration shirt, I had to simplify the design because I was using freezer paper as my stencil, so the little writing wasn't happening, but I love how it turned out. Isaac was really excited about the seaming on the front, as that's his sort of favorite detail. If you keep swiping, you can see the pants I made him tonight. I used performance fabric for the pants, and made them seem kind of tactical, with basketball short/mesh knit as the accent fabric, to make them more interesting. The pants have a flat front with a zip fly, but an elastic back so they give a little more, and are comfortable to run in. They have zip pockets, and reinforced knees, with reflective piping details on the back of his legs to sort of reference the rockets Star Lord has on the back of his boots, (and be an athletic-wear detail/safety feature while running.) I need to make him a running jacket tomorrow, and a belt, but after that I'm done with all our run Disney costumes, and I can get back to weaving (Paul was teasing me earlier because I kept wandering past my loom, and he said "what you really want to be doing right now is weaving huh?") #reluctantrunner #disneylandparis #rundisney #rundisneylandparis #costume #cosplay #starlord #starlordcosplay #maker #makersgonnamake #sew #sewn #sewing #sewcrafty #sewcialist
#sewphotohop day 17, I'm back behind again, but not so badly this time. πŸ˜‚ We had a cocktail event we had to go to last night for Paul's school, and I've been busy with Isaac's run Disney outfit, and TBH, I did continue procrastinating and finished dressing the loom. πŸ™ˆπŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ. Anyway, day 17's theme is Handmade Holiday, so it's fortuitous that I ignored myself and dressed the loom, because it's actually one of the first projects I have going for Christmas this year. I've started by making the fabric, and the sewing with it will come later. 😬 I've never woven a plaid before, I'm not sure why, I've just never really needed any, but when I got this wool from @colourmartyarns it all just screamed tartan to me, so I went with it. I have 7 yards of warp on the loom, which should be good enough to weave up a little over 6 yards of fabric. #weaving #weaversofinstagram #weaver #fiberart #fiberartist #maker #makersgonnamake #handwoven #handmadeholiday #sew #sewn #sewing #sewcrafty #sewcialist
Day 16 of #sewphotohop is procrastination, which I've been doing a lot of..... I need to be sewing Isaac's run Disney outfit, and if I'm not doing that I should be cleaning the studio, and instead today I balled a bunch of sets from @colourmartyarns and wound a warp..... now I just have to not let myself try to dress the loom until I've finished all the things I should be doing. I'm not taking any bets that will happen though. πŸ˜‚ #sew #sewn #sewing #sewcrafty #sewcialist #weaving #weaversofinstagram #warp #maker #makersgonnamake #rundisney #rundisneylandparis
I'm cheating and catching myself up completely with #sewphotohop by combining 14 (stripes or polkadots) and 15 (close up) so I choose stripes and polkadots? Not really, to be honest it's not often I work with either, I'm a fan of more decorative patterns, but find both to have their uses I guess! (I love a good ticking stripe, but dotted Swiss is my love language....) so make of that what you will. 😬 and for close up, a zoomed in view of the curved seaming on Isaac's Star Lord shirt. I was pretty happy with how nice and flat it is laying, considering I cut it out on the fly with no pattern, and serged the seams, it could very easily have become a puckery mess. #sew #sewn #sewing #sewcrafty #sewcialist #maker #makersgonnamake #rundisney #rundisneylandparis #costume #cosplay #starlordcosplay #starlord
#sewphotohop day 13 catch-up is "activewear or loungewear" I make a little of both, but most recently my life has been a lot of activewear. I have to have 4 running costumes done by Thursday this week, (because we're running in a race) and Isaac is my last one to go. He wanted to do Star Lord, so I'm making a running version of that. I just finished making his tank top (Star Lord wears a long sleeved shirt) out of a wick-away fabric I found on etsy in a baby blue and charcoal double knit, I added in the same-ish front seam detailing that's on Star Lord's shirt, (second movie) just without the sleeves. I just need to screen print it now with the same imagery as Star Lord's tshirt, I'm just having a slight problem with getting access to a copier with enough carbon in the toner to make a thermofax screen. πŸ™„ I still have to make pants, a jacket, and a running belt, and he will be done. #reluctantrunner #handmade #sew #sewn #sewing #sewcrafty #sewcialist #maker #makersgonnamake #disneylandparis #rundisney #rundisneylandparis #starlord #starlordcosplay #activewear
Here's how Isaac's 90s splatter-painted rapper shirt turned out, he cut the stencil and helped with the splatter-painting and brought the swagger. It was total deja vu from my early teen years! #surfacedesign #paintedshirt #bringbackthe90s #iceicebaby
Catch up day 12 of #sewphotohop is "proudest of" which is currently this dress for me. I have a lot of historical stuff that I've made that is pretty cool, but for some reason this modern (well, as modern as a 1940s pattern is) dress has stuck with me ever since I made it as one of my most thrilling sews. Everything about this dress shouldn't have wanted to work, I bought the sequined panne velvet in the Philippines, and it was quite expensive so I didn't buy as much as I should have for this dress (I didn't have this dress in mind at the time I bought it) I had to narrow all the skirt pieces just a titch to get the border to go all the way round the bottom, I had to turn a couple of pieces slightly on the bias (it didn't really have a bias as the knit stretch was entirely counteracted by the sequins) but I made the slight direction shift in the sequin pattern slim the waist a little. I had a really hard time finding a collar satin the right shade of ruby red (garnet, maroon, and fire engine red were easy!) the sequins were bulky, the panne velvet wanted to walk up itself, the pattern had a 45 degree inset corners and elbow darts in sequined velvet. 😳 it's fully lined, has satin button loops, diamantΓ© buttons, and a hand poked side zip. Oh yeah, and I was making it for me, which I usually never do, since I have a really weird figure to fit. For whatever reason this dress came together like magic, I didn't have a single problem I couldn't fix, I felt like I knew exactly what to do, and it worked. It fit, it wasn't too bulky, etc. I felt like a "real" bespoke tailor as I laughed in the face of this fabric, and didn't screw it up. I love the hand-sewn hems, and the little modesty panel that prevented cleavage fixed my fear that the collar looked like Hugh Heifner's pajamas, etc. I don't think I've felt that pretty wearing a dress for a long time either. Making this dress felt like racing along the edge of a precipice, and it was a total rush. (I know, my life must be so thrilling. πŸ˜‚) #sew #sewn #sewing #sewcrafty #sewcialist #maker #makersgonnamake #sequindress #pannevelvet #vintagesewingpatterns #handsewn #handmade #fabrictourism #makeitwork #favoritesewever
#sewphotohop day 11 is "why I sew" Oh man, I feel like I want to say all the words for this one, but none of them are good enough. I sew because I can serve my family. I sew to create a lifestyle we can't otherwise afford. I sew because my super power is to create vehicles for imagination and self expression. I sew because I can't always be with everyone I love, so my sewing stays longer than I can. I sew because my family sews, and I imagine my fingertips touching those who have gone before me, every-time I pick up a needle. I sew because my family is full of people with non standard bodies, so I make things as tall and as thin as they need to be. I sew because there are so many exciting beautiful things in the world I would like to have. I sew because I feel a physical ache when I'm away from it for too long, it's a need, a need to create and be a maker. #sew #sewn #sewing #maker #makersgonnamake #sewcialist #sewcrafty #artist #fiberart #fiberartist #sendingmylovethroughsewing #sureicanmakethat #luckyauntie #parentingteens #ilovemyairman #nephewlove #quilting #costumes
#sewphotohop day 10 is mistake, which is a tough one for me, not because I don't ever make mistakes, but because I just moved and none of them came with me. πŸ˜‚ I honestly don't have a naughty pile where I have to put things in time out or anything, I pretty much am a big believer in taking problems apart and fixing them right then and there, so they aren't really mistakes per say, so much as process changes. (Paul calls it my Bob Ross school of sewing, there are no mistakes....) I think the thing that hung around the longest was a button down shirt dress thing I had started to pattern test for an indie pattern company, before discovering a problem with the pattern, where a few inches had been shaved off the sides that needed to be corrected in the pattern. I really liked the fabric so I kept it around for a bit thinking I would finish it as a shirt rather than a dress, but the truth is, I don't wear button downs and I know it (I get gapping issues) so it just sat there until the move. #atleastyouknowimgoodatpurging #outwiththebadinwiththegood #sew #sewn #sewing #maker #makersgonnamake