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Casey Cott @caseycott

That's coconuts you're super delightful.

Headed home to Vancouver with the fam. Can't wait to get back to work. Missing @madelame @kjapa and @iamamurray featuring our fellow CW pal @echokells
@comic_con was INSANE! Had a blast shooting on the Warner Bros yacht!
Had a blast shooting the #why music video with @sabrinacarpenter Go check it out!
Come at me bro.
📸: @emiliomk
Mr. Brett Favre visited Riverdale with his family today. When @colesprouse told me this was happening I said "if you are kidding I will not speak to you for the rest of the week." He wasn't lying. Coolest day ever. Also yes I am wearing a costume.
Fellow escape room fanatic CW palz.
Sunday baseball with my show dad aka Papa Keller aka @martincummins_ and my new (literal in a sense) brother @righthookpicturesinc
The sign is REAL as was my free nitro cold brew! Best day ever. @cartemsdonuts for the WIN!
Hey @camimendes Happy Happy Birthday duuuude. Thanks for loving @kylemooney with me and for letting me crash your photo shoot with the UNBELIEVABLE @nathanjohnsonny
Photo with fans from today. Have a good day girls so good meeting you!
nEw yORk cITy. PC: @emiliomk
@instasuelos is the man! Welcome to the #riverdale family brotha!
Happy Birthday KJ. #tiny #teeny #smallestpersonever
Last night I walked onstage at Radio City Music Hall, saw John Legend in the front row...and that's the last thing I remember. Huge thanks to @brooksbrothers for this shnazzy tux! Thanks to @rachels_mane__flow and @steve_schepis for doing my hair and covering up my sweat glands before the red carpet! PC: @jennyandersonphoto
You guys. Listen to this. My FAVORITE commentator just mentions my FAVORITE person @bystyles IM FLIPPING OUT. Also the Cavs will come back and win this.
Leaving NYC for season 2 in a WEEK! Going to miss these dudes, this pizza and @nathanjohnsonny / @lauraosnes AMAZING porch. PC: @tony_marion
Always a joy shooting with @dirtysugar