Casey Cott

Casey Cott @caseycott

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Go Cleveland
A big GIGANTIC thank you to the @thecwriverdale fans for being insanely cool. You guys were awesome on Thursday.
@thecwriverdale got to see @bandstandbway tonight and I'm so proud of this guy. He's insane. Unreal show.
HUGE thank you to @brooksbrothers for this beautiful suit today. Huge thank you to Luke Perry for being a Legend.
365 days of laughing extremely hard, smiling nonstop and Pokémon Go(ing) to the MAX. @bystyles is one heck of a human.
Check out @nbcsvu tonight!!! 9 pm.
Upfront Night Number One! Finally got to live my Stranger Things DREAMZ! @camimendes @jaimiealexander
Walking into season two! Season one finale tonight. 9/8c on @thecwriverdale PC: @bystyles
One more in honor of the Premium Bar. Shoutout to the cast member who gave us a free one during the Star Wars show tonight.