Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony @carmeloanthony

If you lose today, win tomorrow. In this never-ending spirit of challenge is found the heart of a victor. #ChancellorMedal #StayMe7o
"People do not grow when their environment is too comfortable, when they are not challenged. It is in the midst of suffering and hardship that strength of character is formed." #STAYME7O
Can't Make Sense Out Of Non Sense! AS LONG AS I KNOW IM NICE, FUCK IT IM MY OWN FAN "A certain darkness is needed to see the stars." @Espn Don't be so Blatant with the disrespect #GoneToFar #LineEmUp STAYME7O
Another Day At The Office!!! M7 Black Ops #STAYME7O
"Celebrating All Woman All Sizes" @lala Words Can't explain how Proud I am of YOU. YOU always pushing the needle and setting the bar higher, EVERYTIME Proud To Be a Anthony. Love YOU #STAYME7O
"You shouldn't imitate those who came before. Instead, You must discover, manifest, and share what makes You- AND ONLY YOU- exceptional" #STAYME7O
"Take What's Yours" Whose City Is It? #Terminal23 #M7BlackOps #STAYME7O
"When we have a clear purpose in life we can overcome anything. WITHOUT a sense of purpose, even though we may possess everything else, our lives begin a slow decline." #STAYME7o
"The Wolf 🐺 On The Hill Is Not As Hungry As The Wolf 🐺 Climbing The Hill" #STAYME7O
NOBODY's FC⚽️ "Elephan7 In The Room" #STAYME7O
Pt.4 M7 BLACK OPS Session @liveatsky #STAYME7O
PT.3 M7 BLACK OPS Session @liveatsky #STAYME7O
PT.2 M7 BLACK OPS Session @liveatsky #STAYME7O
"Positive Energy Always Create Elevation" M7 BLACK OPS Session PT.1 @liveatsky #STAYME7O PT.2 Coming soon
To strive even higher, to do even better—the creative process is a desperate struggle to go beyond what we were yesterday. It is a battle against resting on our laurels, against the fear of losing what we have. It is an adventure into unknown territory. #STAYME7O
PEACE GOD!!! #StayMe7o
"You can’t really share who you are with the world ignoring the pieces that make up who you are as an individual" #StayMe7o
"You have to eat the dream
You have to sleep the dream
You have to dream the dream
You gotta touch the dream
You have to see it when nobody else sees it
You have to feel it when it's not tangible
You have to believe it when you cannot see it
You gotta be possessed with the dream"
--ANY weapon formed against US shall not prosper #STAYME7O