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#TAKEOVER We've loved following @Reuters photographer Paul Hackett behind the scenes of his latest project! We want to hear about what you're currently working on, fill us in on your latest photography quest below.
#TAKEOVER @reuters: "Squeezed in to a small and sweaty East London nightclub at 3am, the Slem Dem crew spit bars to a raucous audience revelling in the fast growing popularity of Britain's musical obsession - grime". Image by Paul Hackett.
#TAKEOVER If you've visited @popbrixton this month, you'll have seen @Reuters photographer Paul Hackett's work around the site - documenting the behind the scenes of the life of grime artists. In this project, our aim was to bring the story of grime music to life in London, a city that is synonymous with the grime scene. Image by Paul Hackett.
"A spontaneous hike up a mountain to catch a golden sunset with views of lakes and peaks for miles...". How do you #liveforthestory? Image by @kieronexley
“If you don't turn your life into a story, you just become a part of someone else's story.” - Terry Pratchett. How are you planning to spend your day today? Tell us about your latest adventures in the comments! Image by @_casta_
"This photo was taken in our living room whilst my 2 year old daughter, Winter, was jumping from our couch. I would yell '1,2,3 blast off' and she would do her best rocket launching/ballerina jump. It was magic watching her have so much fun and this photo captures her personality perfectly" #liveforthestory. Image by @romydrew Camera: EOS 5D Mark III | Shutter Speed: 1/1000 | Aperture: f/1.6 | ISO 1600
There's a whole world out there, waiting to be explored. Where's next on your list? Photo by @joe.ire
Golden hour, Hunter Valley style. Australia in all its glory, by Camera: EOS 5D Mark III | Shutter Speed: 1/640 | Aperture: f/4 | ISO 250
"I took this shot whilst visiting Steall Falls (Glen Nevis) with a group of photographers from the UK and beyond, who had all come together through Instagram. It was my first time in the Glen and I couldn't have asked for better weather, company and scenery. Some campers were standing below the falls, which I am told were particularly sparse on this day, and the size of the men in comparison to the falls really show the scale of the place." Image by @ktlphotog. Camera: EOS 70D | Shutter Speed: 1/160 | Aperture: f/11 | ISO 100
We'd love to hear more about what you like to shoot on beautiful summer evenings. (Fill us in!). Image by @derekmackinnon
"There is no stronger bond than the one a mother has with her child, my love for my little boy grows stronger and stronger each day. Looking into his eyes and seeing the love he has for his me, his beautiful smile is as big and bright as the sunset in the background. I love this photo so much because you can see the unconditional love right there" @keriyoungphotography
"Photography is the art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see, and everything to do with the way you see them..." . Image by @piratevanman. Camera: EOS 7D Mark II | Shutter Speed: 1/4000 | Aperture: f/5.6 | ISO 400
Lens envy, courtesy of @aidrienwilkins.
"I took this shot in a forest local to me in Loanhead, Scotland whilst testing a diffuser that I designed and made to shoot macro out in the field. Properly diffused artificial light is a key element in getting good results in macro in my opinion, especially in Scotland where we rarely get sunny days!" Image by @jimmyreidphotography Camera: EOS 70D | Shutter Speed: 1/25 | Aperture: f/16 | ISO 200
Have you ever stumbled across something a bit unusual on your travels? Image by @rui_lanca. Camera: PowerShot SX30 IS | Shutter Speed: 1/125 | Aperture: f/8 | ISO 80
We're curious, how often do you go out to shoot? by @dean_matthews_
Whilst out exploring, @eddiesmithofficial couldn't resist capturing this: "The view from the Belforte tower captures the colourful houses surrounding the marina of Vernazza, one of five century old, fishing villages making up Cinque Terre, situated on Italy's rugged Ligurian coast" Camera: EOS 750D | Shutter Speed: 1/100 | Aperture: f/14 | ISO 100
"When we first arrived in Amsterdam, it was raining with tons of clouds which made for terrible shooting conditions; however, we decided to brave the cold and stick it out to see if anything happened closer to dark. After waiting a while and enjoying the area of Zaandam, we looked up and the sky had become partly cloudy bringing in some light. We quickly hurried back and didn't have our tripod so we set the camera up on our cold weather neck wraps to get to the proper composition and set the built in timer. We were so pleased with the outcome!" Photo and Story by @ecriswell Camera: EOS 5D Mark IV | Shutter Speed: 15 secs | Aperture: f/16 | ISO 100
We already have a massive soft spot for the new EOS 6D Mark II. Have you tried shooting with a full frame camera before? If so, what’s the best tip you’d pass on to somebody who hasn't?
"When I have a camera in my hand, I know no fear". Image featuring @liampea.