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Reflecting on a great flight around @queenstownnz with @thehelicopterline#nzmustdo Photography | @ianharper_ Canon 5D Mark iii + 24-70mm #canon_photos #xpocreatives #cpcollectives
Photography | @jameslloydcole Ubud, Bali Canon 5D mark iv | 24-70 mark ii 2.8 ISO 100 | F20 | 1/20 sec #canon_photos #cpcollectives #xpocreatives
Safely back in London after a relaxing flight back from Auckland with @singaporeair Photography | @henry.nathan Shot on Canon 1Dx Mark ii + 16-35mm @ianharper_ #canon_photos #cpcollectives #xpocreatives #singaporeairlines #flysq
Photography | @giuligartner Dolomites, Italy Canon 6d + 24-70mm f/4 ISO 160 | f/4 | 1/160 sec #canon_photos #cpcollectives #xpocreatives
I spent countless days and weeks spread over almost two years, waiting for this osprey to allow me to capture it hunting in all its glory. But that time and effort pales into insignificance when you consider the raptor flies 6,700km twice a year just to ensure it is in the prime location for the breeding season. With so much attention focused on Africa's big mammals and predators, once in a while it is worth considering some of the astounding feats of the rest of the animal kingdom. Photography | @jamesgiff Savute, Botswana Canon 1D iv + 500mm ISO 1250 | 1/2500 | f/8 #canon_photos #botswana
@Evolumina back once more with my last post of this takeover! Let me thank @canon_photos for this great opportuinity! Don't forget to check out my preset pack if you haven't already on! I hope that you all enjoyed watching and following along my journey through Italy! Wish you all a great day! #canon_photos #CPCollectives
Hey again, @Evolumina here!This takeover is showing my favorite images from my recent trip to Italy and south Germany. One important part of road trips and adventures is your company! Surround yourself with great people who are sharing the same interests as you and you'll have a great journey! Don't forget to check out my new preset pack on - link is in bio! #canon_photos #CPCollectives
BRAND NEW PRESET PACK link in bio! Hey folks! @Evolumina here taking over the @canon_photos account for today! I'm excited to announce I have launched an exclusive preset pack on I would like to start with a little introduction of myself: My name is Marcel, I´m a German based landscape photographer whos passion is to capture the beauty of our nature through my photographs. Hope you follow along this takeover and enjoy the journey through Italy! #canon_photos #cpcollectives #presets
Photography | @ryanlongnecker South Beach Pier, USA Canon 5D Mark III #canon_photos #xpocreatives #cpcollectives
Sunset at #thatwanakatree is a #nzmustdo Photography | @ianharper_ Canon 5D Mark iii + 16-35mm #canon_photos #nzmustdo #cpcollectives #xpocreatives
Limited number of prints available, check the link in bio . Photography | @ianharper_ Shot from a helicopter, Barcelona, Spain Canon 5D Mark iii + 24-70mm #canon_photos #xpocreatives #cpcollectives
Photography | @m.visuals LA, USA Canon 5D Mark iii + 70-200mm ISO 100 | 95mm | F/2.8 | 1/125 #canon_photos #cpcollectives #xpocreatives
Photography | @richbacon Canon 5d Mark II, 16mm ISO 100, f11, 30 seconds, 10 stop ND filter. Koosah Falls, Oregon. #xpocreatives #cpcollectives #canon_photos
Photography | @jordan_robins Great Barrier Reef, Australia Canon 5d Mk iii + 8-15mm f/4 fisheye ISO 500 | f/14 | 1/250sec #canon_photos #cpcollectives #xpocreatives
Just a short drive away for sunrise from @intercontinentalbaliresort Photography | @jordhammond Canon 6D #canon_photos #bali
Photography | @luke_jclark Phuket, Thailand Canon 5d Mk iii + 70-200mm f/2.8 ISO 100 | f/2.8 | 1/1000 sec #canon_photos #cpcollectives #xpocreatives
Sunrise in The Bay of Islands ☀︎ Photography | @ianharper_ Canon 5D Mark iii + 16-35mm ISO 100 | f/22 | 1/100 #canon_photos #nzmustdo
Thanks for the great response to our new website! As a result, we're launching a competition every week. All you have to do is hashtag #CPCollectives in the caption on your photos. From these we will pick one winner every week, who will feature on our instagram page ( @canon_photos ). The winner will also be able to sell their photo on our new website (, and will receive a free preset from our website pack #CPCollectives #Canon_photos
Photography | @loic80l Paris, France Canon 5D Mark iii + 11-24mm #canon_photos
Photography | @luke_jclark Railay Beach, Thailand Canon 5d Mk iii + 100mm f/2.8 Macro ISO 100 | f/2.8 | 1/640 sec #canon_photos