got to hang with @byrdiebeauty while getting dolled up for teen choice 🌺 click the link in my bio to read about the miraculous wizardry performed by @kyleeheathhair and @storyofmailife
we're back october 11th ⚡️ save the date #riverdale
thank you guys for always expressing your love and support ✨ looking forward to getting that surfboard in the mail hehe. bling by @danarebecca #teenchoiceawards
baby's first fashion campaign! this one's all about celebrating friendship - glad I got to do it with the homie @lilireinhart 👯 and thank you for giving us the opportunity @bongojeans #BongoBFFs
happy place
new phone who dis
Domino's Resort 2017 Collection
girl with shmall nugget ♥️
just look at all the mcnuggets in this happy meal!!! we got all kinds of nuggets up in this bitch! crispy ones, soft ones (KJ), juicy ones. comic con 2017 did not disappoint.
here's another of me staring into my soul mate's eyes
thought you should all know that I caressed a monkey last night🐒 thanks for the photo @afashionnerd
vixens 💕
"girl with a skinny legend" by @lilireinhart
lost an incredible woman to Alzheimer's today. RIP Vovó Dalu. when I was little I thought her name was Vovó da Lua, which means 'grandmother of the moon,' and as I got older, I never stopped calling her that 🌔 the moon has been known to symbolize the cycle of life, and her passing is a heartfelt reminder of that cycle. she will always be my role model: a pillar of feminine strength, my grandmother of the moon❤️
just 2 crispy mcnuggets tryna live life
sista sista