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made a friend today
real ones rock pink
" give me more feeling & attitude " - @justinrcampbell
Got this shirt in Tokyo haha
Heyyyy Pc - @samdameshek
What color are you eyes? PC - @samdameshek
Yeah, You're making it hard for me , PC - @justinrcampbell
Coming soon @samdameshek
I'm finally taller than @brentmallozzi now !!!! 😂 had a good time @sierradallas @ginabina77
Hiiiiii 👋🏽 .P.C. - @justinrcampbell
Then she went and put that booty on my Gucci belt
More photos from @tingslondon coming soon, I don't think it's possible for @justinrcampbell to take a bad photo... dude is too talented, alongside @vasjmorgan who had the idea to start his own project. Excited to be apart of both their careers, they're gonna go FAR
Was a sick vibe @brandonandre went in on this shoot and killed it with the colors, it's exactly what we set out to do, we wanted to accentuate different bright colors and Brandon Killed it!!! This was shot at the ice cream factory in LA, (you should go), but this was also such a good shoot because of the people on set!
GOOD MORNING ☀️ Today we ( @aaroncarpenter, @williejones, @darrick, @joshleviworld, & @fhitbysierra) wanted to inspire each other, and hopefully inspire you to get active and workout 😊 We did a 45 second Push - Up challenge, you can do 3 sets of this, ITS SO FUN (not) haha Just do as many as you can st your OWN pace, remember to push yourself and encourage others 😛 have a good day everyone !!!
DONT WATCH THIS, but who can move their eyebrows? & THIS IS MY JAM THO @calvinharris @thegr8khalid
If you haven't seen The Goonies, watch it and you'll appreciate the shirt SO much more....