Tonight I share my story on the #SecretsOfMyLife Diane Sawyer Special. #ABC2020
Living authentically really is a wonderful thing #SecretsOfMyLife
There is nothing more freeing than being true to yourself #SecretsOfMyLife
I got my copy of The Secrets of My Life and I'm so excited to share this story with you all on April 25. #SecretsOfMyLife
I have been on quite the journey. Read about it in #SecretsOfMyLife available next Tuesday!
For the next 30 minutes- tag me in a post of your proof of purchase of The Secrets of My Life and I'll DM you a thank you! #SecretsOfMyLife
Me at 2 years old! Just the beginning of my story I share in The Secrets of My Life. #SecretsOfMyLife
Read about my journey in my book The Secrets of My Life released April, 25! #SecretsOfMyLife
Doing some chores today, but being outside with this clear view of the ocean makes them much more fun!
Getting my rounds in before I kick off my nationwide book tour in a few weeks!
Watch Buzz Bissinger tell you why you should read #TheSecretsOfMyLife
So much fun stopping by to see the Mac people at the Westlake Promenade mall. Beautiful store!