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A fun off-road race today. My co-driver was brilliant.
Repost from @caitlynjennerfdn: @julianahuxtable: Artist, DJ, poet, lighting rod. Born in bible-belt-Texas, in her childhood, she drew "high-drama, high-fantasy images of idealized women -- like angels flying through the air." . @museummammy would argue she's become a figure even grander than those she imagined: "Juliana's voice is integral in this time, because she truly is a beacon of hope. She exists at the crux of almost every type of intersectionality, but still thrives." ✨
Never forget.
Keep a smile on your face all day. Life is good.
Repost from @caitlynjennerfdn "We stand in solidarity with trans youth and their right to #PeeInPeace. @artsnotparts is an art series supporting this end, contributed to by some incredibly talented folks. This piece by @junobirch is one of our favorites. Download and print out your favorite, and hang it in every bathroom your heart desires✨"
Good morning Britain. Good night LA. @gmb
I love Bertha and she loves me. And we both love our morning walks. @peta
Great lunch today with Van Jones. Very smart, very interesting. Great conversation.
Come ride away with me in support of @soul2soulhorses Enter to win. Link in bio.
Enjoy your view today!
‪Thanks to all who helped defeat the bathroom bill in TX. The country has your back! Finally some good news for the trans community #texlege
Spent my morning with @Soul2SoulHorses spending time with some great kids. Great program and doing a lot of good work.
Resting! Good morning
💭 Do I?
Stopped for a rest, but my workout buddy is trying to convince me to go a few more miles.
Can you believe this? Malibu in the morning. Have a great day.
@realdonaldtrump tweeted this morning that transgender service members will no longer be allowed to serve "in any capacity" in the U.S military. This attack on the trans people fighting for our country is unacceptable and every America should be outraged. Read my full response- link in bio.
It's a tough life for Bertha in Malibu
Met last night with the Trans Advisory Council at LA City Hall. They are an inspiring group, creating a safer future for trans people in Los Angeles.