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It's so important to tell the people you love how much you love them as often as you can. Recent events have proven you'll never know the when the last time you'll see them. TAG someone you love just to remind them❤ Make the time you spend with them special❤ I could use a lot more photos and tag a lot more people but here's a few❤
Guys and girls, one of my best friends is trying to raise as much money for an amazing charity supporting Multiple Sclerosis as a charity close to his heart. If you could go and check the JustGiving page in his bio @mehdirae and donate, whether it's £1, £2 or £10, £100, every penny counts. Thanks in advance❤
What heart breaking news, we must all stick together. My thoughts go to all of the victims, their families and friends❤
Yesterday was such a great day/ night, met so many of you and some other real good youtubers too!
Here she is, our little princess!💛 To see the full scan with videos and much more photos then make sure to check out my newest vlog!! CaseyBarkerVlogs 💛
Thankyou so much, when I started this channel I never ever would have expected to get this far❤
A photo with my mum❤ NEW VIDEO OUT NOW!! LINK IN BIO!! Go comment something on he video for a spam!!!
SQUAD GOALS (by that I mean a squad full of goals too!) GO CHECK @realcalfreezy NEW VIDEO TO SEE HOW MANY GOALS EXACTLY!! Comment #CaseysJoinedTheRebellion on his FIRST EVER REBEL GAME VIDEO so I can spam you guys!!! P.S. What a pleasure to be part of this. Big thankyou to @realcalfreezy for making it all possible.
My beautiful girlfriend💛
Lads lads lads