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Circle of Life 144/365 Because Cheese Is Life! Manchego Red Cheddar Parmesan Mature White Cheddar and Taleggio. 5 cheese pasta! So... Cinque Formaggi? Yes? Yes! Seriously, forget macaroni-and-cheese, get yourself some of this Tortiglioni-and-ALL-THE-CHEESE! I'm not a fan of the "one pot pasta" trend, because it usually makes terrible pasta. But with a thick, creamy, cheesy sauce like this, it actually works best. Make all that pasta starch work for you! RECIPE 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳 Just fry up some chorizo in a large pan, then throw in your tortiglioni and enough boiling water to just about cover it. Keep stirring so the pasta cooks evenly. As the water absorbs and evaporates, add milk to keep the liquid level about halfway up the pasta. Once the pasta is al dente, throw in your cheese, black pepper, and chilli flakes. Stir and let the cheese melt before taking it off the heat. Finally, mix through a beaten egg, and serve. So damn good 🤤 #judgeshootsfood365 #morecheesethanman
Golden, Delicious 143/365 Once you start covering things in honey, don't expect to be able to stop... Honey always brings to mind decadence. Dates and walnuts dipped in honey instantly become the food of emperors. Perhaps it's the golden colour? Eating fresh honey was the highlight of a short trip to Vietnam I took a number of years ago. On the Mekong river delta, there is an island where bee keepers have either discovered or cultivated a species of bee with no stinger. Colonies tirelessly collect the fragrant pollen of the delta's beautiful flowers, only for the keepers to pick up the nests and push the bees aside with bare hands to pilfer the honey produced. No need for protection, no need for smoke. Even watching the beekeepers do it before my eyes, I struggled to bring myself to be so brash, fighting internally against a childhood of repeated warnings and painful stings (from when I didn't heed said warnings). But the flavour was like no other. And the taste of the soft caramels and the sweet rice wine that were made from the spoils still linger on my tongue today. #judgeshootsfood365 #honeyyouretheappleofmyeye
Spoon Fed 142/365 Better get that into your mouth before it drips! #judgeshootsfood365 #ohnomywhiteshirt
A Hot Drop 141/365 Got time for a cuppa? #judgeshootsfood365 #kingofteas
Honey Nut Crunch 140/365 When I was a kid, I loved to eat really sugary cereals. My favourite had these random chunks of nuts covered in a honey candy mixed throughout the box. One day I excitedly poured myself a bowl, only to be hugely disappointed to find that not one single nut cluster had come out. I pulled the cereal out of the box and scoured the contents, but there wasn't any in the entire box. My sister had got there before me, and had pinched out each and every one. She did the same for any cereal that came with chocolate flakes. This was over twenty years ago, now. And I never let her forget it. #judgeshootsfood365 #nutsaboutnuts
Pasta Nests 139/365 Egg noodles, anyone? #judgeshootsfood365 #thesecretlifeofpasta
How Much Is That Pasta In The Window 138/365 Some things are just beautiful exactly as they are, and all you need to do is grab your camera. I love how this tagliatelle package has a clear front, showing off its contents like a high-street shop window. #judgeshootsfood365 #passthepasta
Gulp... Gulp... Ahhhhh! 137/365 For that refreshing taste of cola, have a nice cold glass of wait, what?! I case you can't tell, I'm a bit of a Haribo fiend. #judgeshootsfood365 #sweettooth
Take Another Little Piece 136/365 Is love finite? A resource to be given away cautiously? Or is it renewable? Like the warmth from the sun, the wind in our hair. The waves washing against the shore. #judgeshootsfood365 #loveissweet
This Photo is Brought to You by The Number 2... 135/365 Two by two. One of the most common pieces of advice in food styling, as well as in composition in general, is that threes are what you should aim for. Three is, contrary to oft cited adages, not a crowd. It's a pattern, without inadvertent symmetry. Two, on the other hand, is too few to be a pattern, while yet being too many to be unique. Two is, to put it one way, conspicuous by its mundanity. But, as they say, rules were made to be broken. What do you think? #judgeshootsfood365 #nicepair (P.S., this stunning board was handmade for me by Willie McHutcheon @mchutcheonwillie when I visited his new studio @ballyshane_ )
Order Up! 134/365 Triple-threat pizza: classic margherita, subtle marinara, and salty capers and anchovies. Fresh out of the oven and on its way to the table, courtesy of my Head Chef, Marina. #judgeshootsfood365 #yeschef (P.S., so, it had to happen eventually... Technical difficulties *cough*deadbattery*cough* stopped me from posting yesterday. I've been very, very late before, but this is the first time I really feel like I've missed a post. Sorry for that. In any case, the actual photo for today is still coming!)
Mixing Flavours 133/365 On a lazy Saturday, just marinating some short rib for a long overdue dinner of Korean BBQ. Enjoy your weekend, everyone! #judgeshootsfood365 #flavourbomb
Out, Damned Spot 132/365 Beetroot stains are absolute murder on your hands... I really need to read more Shakespeare. I studied Macbeth as well as Romeo and Juliet in school, but I haven't even skimmed any of the other... 35 plays?!? Wow... I got my work cut out for me. #judgeshootsfood365 #whatsdonecannotbeundone
C is For... 131/365 "Me want cookie!" Here's to making learning fun! My absolute favourite character in Sesame Street was Cookie Monster. Om Nom Nom Nom! As a kid, I was a pretty picky eater. But the signs were there that I would have a bright gastronomic future ahead of me, because I always loved watching cartoon characters eat. From Asterisk and Obelisk scrunching their way through feasts of wild boar, to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles practically inhaling cheese-drowned pizza in two bites, I couldn't get enough of that visceral feeling of watching food be utterly devoured. But perhaps the best thing about Cookie Monster wasn't how much he ate, but how much he DIDN'T eat! Cookie crumbs flying in all directions, as his insatiable hunger eclipsed his ability to actually swallow... #judgeshootsfood365 #gimmedacookies (P.S., so I totally dropped the ball on this one! I thought I'd have a quick nap before doing my photo, annnnnnnd I woke up the next day. Oops! So this is supposed to be yesterday's photo, and today's photo will be coming later on.)
Got Blue Milk? 130/365 It does a Jedi good. Since last week, I've had the idea of doing a blue milk shot on my brain. So today I decided to make it happen. I showed my good friend (and now regular collaborator) John Jack Boylan the blue milk I prepared, which I had in a plastic jug that I really liked the look of. He said "Oh cool! Of course, you know it just looks like you're pouring yourself a nice tall glass of detergent..." Sometimes, a second set of eyes is EXACTLY what you need. Luckily, I had a glass bottle as a backup plan. But the real stroke of genius came from his suggestion to add a cookie to the shot. Surround yourself with people smarter than you, and listen to them. #judgeshootsfood365 #auntberuapproved (P.S., I finally got around to checking out the trailer for The Last Jedi today! Remarkably spoiler free, which I'm always a fan of!)
It's All Gravy 129/365 Soups, sauces, gravy... they're rarely the showstoppers that a big roast, or a beautifully arranged selection of vegetables can be. But they deserve so much more credit. A soup is the easiest way I know of to turn a bunch of leftover scraps into a meal in their own right. A well made sauce elevates even the most humble of dishes into something next level. And a good gravy does both. After spatchcocking a few quails, the spines that would otherwise be destined for the bin made the basis for a fine accompaniment. Some flour, some sherry, some orange juice, a little seasoning... and why, you've gone and got yourself a fine dining experience. #judgeshootsfood365 #wastenotwantnot
Chick Peas 128/365 Where did you think they came from? It's funny to think about the origin of the names of foods. Why do we call things what we call them? English, I think, is a particularly tricky customer, because of how much of a mishmash it is of other languages. I had expected as much before I looked it up, but the "chick" part of chickpea comes from the French word, chiche. Which in turn came from a Latin word. But I shot this photo before I googled the answer (thanks Wikipedia! Now I also know that chickpeas have been cultivated by humans for at least 7,500 years!). And while I was shooting, I did start to wonder if they earned their name by actually kinda resembling a chicken. Well, a cooked chicken, anyway. Then again, maybe the power of suggestion was just playing tricks on me... #judgeshootsfood365 #noharmnofowl
What An Eton... 127/365 Inspired by Massimo Bottura's famous dish Oops, I Dropped the Lemon Tart. I'm so glad that I learned how easy it is to make meringue! Crispy, chewy, chocolately, lemony... there's so many ways to make them, and they're all so delicious. But for Eton Mess, you have to go with the classic plain meringue, mostly crispy but with just a hint of a chewy centre. The perfect summer dessert. #judgeshootsfood365 #silverlining