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Long(grain) Days, Short(grain) Nights 173/365 We've just passed the Summer Solstice. Peak summer. And so a touch of saffron to celebrate. Being so far North, I love how long our days get in June. Having the light to go for a walk at 11pm is something that I will always cherish. At the same time, though... having sunrise wake up the seagulls at 4:30 is less than ideal. Especially if that's the time I'm only just trying to get to sleep... #judgeshootsfood365 #ricericebaby
It's What's On The Inside... 172/365 Not pictured: Sugar Palm Oil Cocoa Solids Skim Milk Powder Reduced Minerals Whey Soy Lecithin Vanillin #judgeshootsfood365 #buthazelnutsarepretty
Cheery Oh! 171/365 Ever pour milk over your cereal in the morning, and think to yourself "oh dear, that's far too much milk, I'd better add more cereal"? And then add a little too much extra cereal and find yourself thinking "well now I just need to add a touch more milk..." Sometimes these things go too far... #judgeshootsfood365 #viciouscircle This shot was made possible thanks to assistance from the good people at: John Jack Boylan's Brain. If you want nifty ideas for photos, and help with styling them / someone to generally have craic with for an evening, just call John Jack Boylan's Brain. Oh, and tell him to get a goddamn twitter account at the very least, so that people can check him out if they want to!
Flaming Hot 170/365 Continuing on what is apparently A Song of Ice and Fire theme week... I'm not gonna lie, this was a lot of fun! I've always been a pyro, volunteering to make the fire in winter when I was a kid, testing out household cleaners to see which burned the best... I was never all that big into fireworks though. I wasn't one of those kids who went around blowing stuff up. I just loved the delicate power of a flame... #judgeshootsfood365 #burnthehousedown (P.S., Seriously impatient for the next season of GoT!)
Cool As A... 169/365 Today was a summer's day and a half! Had to make the most of the sun, because knowing Ireland it might not show it's face for another month! But a little too much sun has left me feeling a touch hot. Best cure for that is something cool. Something refreshing. Something... crunchy? Forget those ice creams, ice pops and iced drinks! Make waves on the beach this summer by walking around with a whole chilled cucumber. You'll be really... cool! ๐Ÿ˜ #whpstandout #judgeshootsfood365 #sorrynotsorry
A Bit Corny 168/365 Everybody is a little different on the inside. Being a little different on the outside, can be harder to ignore. But when you no longer have the option to blend in... you may as well embrace standing out. #whpstandout #judgeshootsfood365
Only 35 Calories 167/365 Homer: Oh, Why did I have to start my diet on pork chop night? Marge: Now Homer, weโ€™ve got steamed vegetables and rice cakes for you. Homer: Wait a minute. Well hey, Iโ€™ve been setting my drinks on these things! Marge: Theyโ€™re only 35 calories apiece. Homer: Hello? Hello! Hello, taste? Where are you? Marge: You can put a little something on top for flavor. ... ... ... *microwave dings* Homer: Mmm. Only 35 calories. #judgeshootsfood365 #raisedbythesimpsons #whpstandout
A Tail of Two Halves 166/365 I got treated to lobster today, supplied by my sister and prepared by my uncle. I'm still reeling. It's incredible how much the shells change colour, from these rich blues to a perfect bright orange once they're cooked. This was my first time bisecting a live lobster. A sharp knife, a swift movement. Not one part of the lobster went to waste. The shells were used to produce an intense stock, the claws and leg meat became a stunning salad, and the tails... the tails were seared in garlic and butter before steaming atop a rich seafood pasta sauce. My uncle seriously knows his stuff, and just watching him work is a pleasure. Eating his work, is another level altogether... #judgeshootsfood365 #wastenotwantnot
Milk and Cookies 165/365 I'll just have a cookie before bed. Or maybe two... Pan di Stelle (Italian star cookies) are never meant to be eaten in moderation. And if I could wish upon these stars... I'd wish for even more cookies! #judgeshootsfood365 #whatsselfcontrol
Curvaceous 164/365 Baby got back. #judgeshootsfood365 #sexysilhouette
Colour Bias 163/365 Colour is so important to how I eat. I'll often straight up pick what food to put in a meal based solely on what colour it is, and whether I think it will complement the other ingredients. I get very sad if my food is monotone... #judgeshootsfood365 #foodsorganizedneatly
MilkShake (Am I Doing It Right?) 162/365 It most certainly did not bring all the boys to the yard. In fact, any person who may have been in said yard to begin with, left. 3/10, would not shake again. #judgeshootsfood365 #likeapolaroidpicture (P.S., I have so many regrets. So very many regrets...)
Ginger Ale (Am I Doing It Right?) 161/365 Let's leave them to get acquainted. #whpfriendship At first, I didn't think much of this homemade drink. For some reason it wasn't anything like what I've bought in the shops. But after three or four glasses (I somehow lost count), it started to taste significantly better! #judgeshootsfood365 #balancingflavours
Peanut, Butter & Jelly (Am I Doing It Right?) 160/365 Nothing goes together like PB&J. #whpfriendship If ever I'm in the mood for a midnight snack, I make one of these. It takes me right back to that American childhood I never had, but kinda absorbed by osmosis through Calvin and Hobbes. I think I got the general gist of it, anyway. I like to stand in the kitchen and think about all the other people in the world who are, at that exact same moment, standing in their kitchen and picking bits of peanut shell out of their mouth, too... #judgeshootsfood365 #sonder
Nut, Nut eile 159/365 This one is for my Irish speaking followers ๐Ÿ˜‰ #judgeshootsfood365 #irishpun #waytoalienateyouraudience (P.S., It's crazy to think that the company that makes Nutella accounts for the use of a quarter of the entire global supply of hazelnuts! Can't say they don't put them to good use, though... omnomnom)
Refreshing 158/365 Nothing like a bit of bok choy to add some vitality to a stir fry. When shooting splash photography, it's always a good idea to make sure that you're not going to get any of your gear wet, by setting up a protected space before you start. I don't always have good ideas... #judgeshootsfood365 #itsonlywater #itllbegrandsure
Layer Upon Layer 157/365 The artichoke truly is the armadillo of vegetables. They're rough, tough and even a little spiky. The delicate heart is armour plated. They most definitely do not want to be eaten. But unfortunately for these flavoursome flowers, I most definitely do want to eat them. With melted butter, and a little garlic. And with them being in season, it would be rude not to... #judgeshootsfood365 #everythingsbetterwithbutter (P.S., I spent more than a little time arranging the lighting on the background to have an opposite gradient to the lighting across the artichoke. By the end of it all, I was really pleased with the effect. And then I realised that this plain background version I'd shot earlier actually better allowed the artichoke to pop on its own. Ah well, live and learn...)
Curly Wurly 156/365 Continuing the theme of curves and curls... Chocolate is mesmerising at the best of times, but there's something about the way these shavings formed into little spirals that just caught my imagination. They look like delicious ammonites, the remains from a long lost period in the history of the world, where chocolate ruled the land and sea... #judgeshootsfood365 #thelandofchocolate #thatwastenminutesago
Curvy 155/365 Just can't take my eyes off those curves... #judgeshootsfood365 #legitattractedtofood
The Summer Berry 154/365 In my mind, strawberries are the one food most linked to summer. Strawberries and cream pavlova with the whole family, courtesy of my aunt who can do it better than anyone. Strawberry punnets for sale on the side of the road, sure pull in and we'll pick up a few if they look nice. Strawberry growing, strawberry picking, if the damn birds don't get them all first. Strawberries till you feel like you'll explode, and then a few more. Here's to you, the summer berry. #judgeshootsfood365 #berriesfordays