Tiller @brysontiller


going places i've never been and i'm STOKED, see y'all soon!!
self made @soopernes NES on the beat
personalized one of my favorite sneakers with trapsoul & my favorite color. thank you @nike for the supply! tryna lace a few real ones
and i got to share a stage with a King last night. King Kendrick.
Scott been supporting since day ONE
last show. Thank You Louisville for believing in me. i said it once and i'll say it again, don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't make it out of this city. 502 Come Up. my biggest crowd thus far. historic.
added another exclusive. tonight at the Yum Center only. Sold Out
fam @dreezydreezy and i last night in Chicago
Detroit Tonight. Chicago Tomorrow. Louisville Forever. (tickets available on www.trapsoul.com)
in toronto at silver snail
the Don blessed the stage tonight in NYC @fatjoe
only 5 shows left. anyone coming out please do me a favor and come early to see @hermusicofficial she blows me away every time!! #SETITOFFTOUR
new york city tonight!!! tickets available on www.trapsoul.com
wow i remember being at the waterfront and watching them build the Yum Center. never EVER thought i would be headlining my own show in it. the show is NEXT WEEK and it's almost sold out and i'm nervous but at the same time very excited because i'm just a guy from southside Louisville and i never thought i'd make it this far. thank you to everyone who bought tickets, let's make history. SEP 16th. 💫
talking about vacationing and her new purple wig
p*ssy ain't shit if it ain't yours
happy birthday to the king!!! this is where my MJ obsession began