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See the video for Versace on the Floor here:

NEW YORK CITY! THANK YOU! #MSG #24kmagicworldtour
Brooklyn's own Patent leather Pete got to watch his son sell out The Garden two nights in a row! #24kmagicworldtour
Madison Square Garden Tonight! #NYC #24kmagicworldtour
Last night 🎢🎢
OHIO STATE! #24kmagicworldtour TONIGHT!! 🎢🎢✨✨
We back! Thank You Charlotte! #24kmagicworldtour
POP POP!! @cbstv ✨✨✨
Name a duo sassier than these two!! I'll wait.... πŸ˜‚ Happy Birthday Brother Ronson!πŸ₯‚
Happy Birthday @beyonce
#Vegas George Lopez, Anthony Anderson, Cedric The Entertainer and The Sex Dragon
Sound check. Montreal night 2. #24kmagicworldtour ✨✨✨
Pops and Michael Jackson
There will never be another king of pop, prince of pop, or any other title with the word pop in it. Michael Jackson owns them all. He will forever be the man that turned music into magic. From videos to fashion to his ground breaking performances, everyone can learn from Michael about dedicating your life to something and constantly striving to be great. Thank you Michael for showing the world what greatness looks like. Happy Birthday πŸ‘‘
Staring at myself while I sing slightly creeps me out.... and slightly turns me on..... #weird
#24kDanceCam Little Hooligans Edition
#24kDanceCam Little Hooligans Edition 😎
#24kDanceCam Little Hooligans Edition
I was nicknamed after this professional wrestler Bruno Sammartino. Tonight in Pittsburgh I had the honor of meeting him! πŸ™Œ #OG #24kmagicworldtour