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It's not about the money. It's not about the fame. It's about pure satisfaction. 📧

Thinkin bout you.
"VB Molten Cheese" . AMAZING start in Makassar, I will be back soon for the GRAND OPENING. See you soon, come visit our @vbmoltencheese store. #vbmoltencheese #vb #cheesy
Thank you for the support, Bpk Wakil Gubernur SulSel, Agus Arifinuma'ng for @vbmoltencheese in Makassar. #vb #vbmoltencheese
Thank you team! #VB Molten Cheese squad! SUCCESS👌🏻
VB Molten Cheese soft opening.. Bener2 ngga nyangka sampe setengah jalan raya penuh, Thank you guys! Come visit for a surprise @vbmoltencheese (Jl. Boulevard Raya no.14)
After a long day at @vbmoltencheese .. We decided to do a little #BabyShark 🦈
A great day to end.. thank you @vbmoltencheese
Just love lookin at you.
good morning
Alongside friends..
See you, Makassar! #vb #vbmoltencheese @vbmoltencheese
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See you at Bandung guys!!! Datang ya besok ke acara #MeetSeleb di Bandung Indah Plaza. Bakal ada gue dan @natashawilona12 di booth Advan jam 3.. #MeetSeleb #Advani5CPlus #advanindonesia
🇰🇷 X 🇮🇩
Congrats😊. By the way, see you guys at the Opening of VB Molten Cheese Makassar real soon! #vb #moltencheese @vbmoltencheese
the Boys reunited!